Wat Photivihan, Tumpat

Among all the temples, the most famous is this large reclining Buddha which is located at the Wat Photivihan. Some we called it as "Sleeping Buddha". This 40 meters long marks as the biggest Buddha in South East Asia which is completed at 1979. Using 6 long years completed with at least RM350,000 spent on it. At that time, the money you can buy at least 10 houses at KL already.
Wheel of fate - even this is not build in smaller size. 
Big glass, big wheel and big statue...what else is big??
At last there is something smaller...
A closer look but this is the best I can get from my 24mm prime lens.
This one is a quite shabby altar. They should start to renovate this.
This is a completed renovating an altar. Still has the unused sands around.
The only temple that has a directory with it as a guide.
There are quite a number of stalls here selling drinks and Thai food such as Khao Jam and Somtam. This place has been commercialized and highly promoted as one of the must visit place at Kelantan.


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