Jungle Trekking (Part 2), Teluk Dalam

Continuing from my previous post...This is the second part of my Jungle Trekking adventure. The route is from Perhentian Island Resort to Teluk Dalam. There is a junction like this to direct you to Teluk Dalam.
Jungle trekking started! Let's finish this adventure!
A lot of monitor lizards in this island. Please do not feel afraid to see them because they are more afraid that you are.
Here is the Teluk Dalam and as you can see the beach is very small. Not much spaces for you to do any beach activities here.
So you can only sunbathing in front of your own chalet. 
Please watch out anchors like this when you walk along this beach. It is like a booby trap and you might get a deep cut on your leg. You do not want this to spoil your holiday mood. Actually not the boatmen to be blamed for this. This beach is really really small. No choice that this anchor is appearing everywhere along the beach.
Water Taxi here are very expensive. Here are the destinations listed as your guidance.
Rough sketch on the Perhentian Island Map. The right is Pulau Perhentian Besar and the left is Pulau Perhentian Kecil.
Watermelon Lassi XXL @RM17.00 - I ordered this drink again after I fall in love in my last experience at Arwana Perhentian Resort Restaurant. This time I made it BIG! Too bad, it is not that nice as I expected it to be like. 
Local Kuey Tiau Fish @RM9.00
Indian Kuey Tiau Chicken @RM9.00 -  Can you tell any difference between them? I can't even distinguish their difference through visual and even taste.
Their specialty is serving pizza but I really doubt a pizza from an island can be better than anyone I can get in any Italian restaurant at the mainland.
This is the restaurant which is not really good but it is an options to me since my Arwana Jetty has only limited 5 restaurants only. This also marks the end of my jungle trekking adventure. It is a worthwhile trip which is not just to check out other beaches but also to do some other activities beside sea activities and also get some other food from other restaurants too!
Freakout Level: 3/5


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