Restoran Yu Hing, Kota Kinabalu

By the appearance of it, Restoran Yu Hing definitely doesn't look appealing enough to become a tourist spot for you as your dining choice. However, I am still going to introduce to you their noodle. They do serve other variety of food but something worth to be here is only their noodle which is known as Beaufort Fried Noodle. Beaufort is a name of a town in Sabah. This is their very own local delicacies which you won't find it easily at any part of Malaysia or even Sabah. You have to be either in Kota Kinabalu or Beaufort to experience it. We can even hardly able to find a table in this run-down looking restaurant which already suggest that how good they are.
Beaufort Fried Noodle @RM9.70
Outlook: 3/5
Creativity: 4/5
Taste: 5/5
Price: 2/5
Overall: 3/5 - Still a common looking noodle to you which does not convince you why I am purposely creating a post just to introduce it? You have to come visit for yourself then. I think the same too when it is displayed right in front of me. After I took my first bite...OMG! I have heard so many people talks about wok taste and I have tried before in some other restaurants too but no restaurant has a better wok taste than this restaurant. Just one small bite and the whole wok taste roam inside your mouth and activating every single taste bud on your tongue. Truly amazing. The char siew, pork meat and vegetables are just the extras. I think I can finish up the whole plate even they just serve the noodles alone. The noodle they used is not those common yellow noodle but it is known as yellow spring noodle. They fried the noodle before the stewed it so they you can still taste the crunchiness in it without feeling too dry.

The noodle is great but the price is absolutely ridiculous for a plate of noodle like this. Almost RM10.00 for a plate of noodle after the GST is imposed. Seems like the GST has created a very high standard of living in Kota Kinabalu but I do not think the locals are ready for that standard of living. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a local delicacies, make sure this Beaufort Fried Noodle is in your list. You will definitely will not disappointed.

Total Damage: RM49.00 (4 pax)
Ambiance: 2/5
Service: 2/5
Food Serving Speed: Slow
Recommended?: Yes

Restoran Yu Hing
GF, Lot 16,
Kolam Luyang
Commercial Center
Business Hours: 9.00am - 2.30pm; 6.00pm - 9.30pm (daily)

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