Pantai Batu Burok, Kuala Terengganu

Last beach I want to share is Pantai Batu Burok which is located at Kuala Terengganu. This is the most happening beach I ever seen especially on Friday and Saturday.
A wide beach for you to do all kinds of activities and let me introduce to you one by one later on.
The wave was strong that day so not many people will go for a swim.
A watch tower is built for you to see. Not for lifeguard use apparently.
Kites! Yes, let's start introducing their happening activities around here.
Flying kites is always the favourite activity for all of us at all ages. This is consider the cheapest activities too to last you quite a while with it.
Many kite sellers here and the price can be negotiated. So please do not take their offered price seriously. The price is ranging from RM5 - RM25. Depend on the size and design.
Let the kites flying high! Spacious beach really does help in kites flying.
This is where the Mat Rempit is born. Haha...ya, At so young age and they already started to ride a minibike.
The girl is riding much more steady than the guy. She still got the time to take a glance on her parents for a photo shoot.
Do not worry about the speed of this minibike. They are all has been customized for not able to accelerate like a real motorbike. The price for this ride is RM10.00 for 10 minutes ride.
Next activity you can see is the ATV ride. One big circle for 15 minutes will cost you RM15 (adults)/RM13 (kids). If you are riding at the back like shown in the photos, you can get it at one price if you able to negotiate for it. Not very speedy ride so just a normal casual free and easy speed. The slight difficult part is when you are riding through the sand.
A carriage ride is another exciting activity for the whole family. RM40.00 for a full house ride like the above and making 2 big rounds which is almost about 5 minutes.
There are many type of carriages to choose from. If you have lesser riders, you can try to negotiate the price with them.
You can see how well they maintained the carriage. They maintained it well to attract the customers to choose their carriage. You can take as many photos as you like before the ride. But if you asking about whether RM40 for this ride is worthwhile, I believe when you have a big family only then it is worthwhile.
Ok, if everything is too expensive for you. Just choose for the cheapest ride which is RM3.00 for 4 minutes for your kids.

Cleanliness: 3/5
Activities: Mini cross, horse carriage ride, ATV ride, toy car ride and kites
Recommended: Yes but too crowded

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