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Cozy In The Rocket, Georgetown

Cozy in the Rocket is definitely a not easy to find cafe. Look at their signboard. It is too small for you to even notice them. You will be easily miss this unattractive row of shops with small signboard. Actually it can be very easy. The famous wall painting of the "Little Children on the Bicycle" is actually painted on this cafe. Now, isn't it easy? The moment I stepped inside this cafe, I felt so many nostalgic things decorated around the cafe. This is their kitchen and it is remained how it was look like in the 50s and 60s era. Even their restrooms are well decorated with the nature as their theme. I initially wanted to ask if the kitchen is still open because the board hanging on their entrance is written their business hours is from 11.00am - 4.00pm while I was there 15 minutes before 4.00pm. Before even I could start to talk, she suddenly said: "The menu is already written on the board, that's all I have. If you do not lik

Art in Langkawi Paradise, Interactive 3D Art Museum, Langkawi

A huge development improvement has done at Oriental Village Burau Bay. It has a lot of new exciting things here are built and still building. So there are no longer just the lonely Langkawi Cable Car here. One of the buildings that are ready for visitors is this Interactive 3D Art Museum which is highly recommended by me which you shouldn't miss it out. Entrance fee is at RM38.00 for adult ticket and RM28.00 for kids but if you show your My-Kad/My-Kid, you will get RM8.00 discount per person. You can bring your own camera with no charges for that. However, you need to take off your shoes before you enter to their gallery zone. This place is considerably huge and plenty of art for you to enjoy and have fun taking photo with. I may not able to display all the photos here but let me show you what I have best chosen from. I hope you do enjoy my pictures and below. At least you will have an idea how to do your own posing as well!