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Mataking Island and Pom Pom Island Trip, Semporna

Semporna has getting famous every single day and you would not be surprised to find all the Chinese tourists flooding the entire small town. The recent news about the kidnapping case by Abu Sayyaf (Philippines Extremists) did make an impact to scare off some of the tourists but what have known from some of the Chinese tourists, they were afraid but the islands are just too beautiful for them to ignore the possible threat. Frankly speaking, Malaysia did a very good job by having a lot of marine forces around the tourist islands. They have built camps on every each of the famous islands such as Sipadan, Pom Pom Island, Boheydulang Island, Mantabuan Island, Sibuan Island, Mabul Island, Kapalai Island and Mataking Island. All these islands are heavily defended compared with my previous visit in 2013. As you can see from the above picture, you will see this Mataking Besar Island is defended by 2 high power marine boats. The most heavily defended island is Mabul Island since that isl

Sipadan Dive (Revisit)

Sipadan Island is always one of the best island I have ever been. It is really a gem for Malaysia. This is the third time I have visited this island within the span of 7 years. Everytime I visit this island, it feels like it is my first time on this island. I never get bored with the island and the marine life around it. However, the permit is getting expensive every time I visit this island. Right now, the cheapest price is from Uncle Chang which is cost RM750/pax for a 3 dives trip inclusive packed lunch. You can see my other posts here. My first trip and my second trip . The first highlight is obviously the white tip reef shark which looks like a submarine. The best part is not just one you will see, they are many and you will just see them lying everywhere on the bed of the sea. It is always so amazing yet creepy to see so many sharks in one view. Try to challenge yourself to get as close as you can to the shark.  This is the closest I could get to. &q

Restoran MS Bak Kut Teh, Sungai Besi

Restoran MS Bak Kut Teh has been serving the Sungai Besi neighborhood for 6 long years. It is opened by an enthusiastic couple who wants to bring good food to the people around. They are very creative enough to keep inventing new recipe. You would be surprised to see their thick menu. From bak kut teh to selling all kinds of varieties dishes.   Curry Claypot Fish @RM35.00 (small)/RM38.00 (big) Outlook: 4/5 Creativity: 4/5 Taste: 4/5 Price: 4/5 Overall: 4/5 - The curry fragrance is so thick but not spicy at all. The fish is so soft and with a little fried sensation which makes the meat not dull and boring. However, you have to watch out for the bones. It is everywhere. They only have one type of fish which is the Tilapia. So most of their fish cuisine is made from Tilapia. The pot is really big and it is only the small portion. I believe it can feed up to 3 pax. Super worth it. Pork Ribs with Yam @RM26.00 Outlook: 3/5 Creativity: 4/5 Taste: 4/5 Price: 3/5

Steaped, a modern way to appreciate tea @Pavilion Mall KL

When you happened to smell an unique aromatic tea fragrant when you are walking at Pavilion Mall KL, do look for the logo of a hummingbird where you will find Steaped. The store is clean, modern and revitalizing which is a perfect spot for customers looking for a perfect tea infusion to start their day. Steaped knows that coffee has always being the leader as an important beverage intake for most of our daily life. Tea is seldom in the picture. In order to make the breakthrough, they have created all kinds of recipes with amazing top quality ingredients just to persuade us that tea is a good choice too. Steaped's Sweet Apple Pie @RM12.00 (regular)/RM13.50 (Large) - This is their most popular drink under Rooibos Signature Drinks category. Personally, I would really recommend this drink for being a starter in appreciating tea. The ingredients in it are rooibos, apple juice, cinnamon and nutmeg. Rooibos itself is a costly ingredient so you would expect the price of this drink wo

Palsaik Korean BBQ, Sunway Giza Mall

In a Korean cuisine, BBQ is one of their signature dish. There are a lot of meats that are marinated using their own recipe before serve on the grilling plate. The common meat will be beef, pork, chicken, lamb, duck, cuttlefish and prawn. Personally I love duck and pork belly the most. Unlike any other ordinary traditional Korean restaurant, at Palsaik Korean BBQ restaurant, they only serve one meat and only one type of meat which is the pork belly. It is like a heaven to me when I know that their pork belly is marinated into 8 different kinds of taste.  Their lunch hour is extremely quiet especially during the weekdays because no one got the luxury time to have lunch break in a Korean restaurant. However, during weekends and dinner. It would be a different story all together. I have ordered their signature set of 8 colors which fit for 2-4 pax. The set comes with this big pot of spicy kimchi soup with seafood. It is really spicy for me but that is not the main point. What ma