Wat Maisuwankiri, Tumpat

You may think Wat Photivihan is the best temple around because of its 40 metres long "sleeping Buddha". You are wrong. Now it is easily being substituted by Wat Maisuwankiri which is so grand! There are a lot of great architectures in here and they are still building it!
Wat Maisuwankiri also knwon as "dragon boat" by the locals and this is the head of the boat.
There are a pond circling the whole boat with fishes inside. The fishes will follow you no matter where you are going. They seem to know you will give them food.
This is the rear view of the dragon boat. The whole construction cost RM300,000 and the funds are from Buddhist Association from Malaysia and Thailand and some are from public donation.
Let's get inside the "dragon boat" and see what is inside.
It is a prayer area but this is not the main hall. 
Awesome structure and every single design is very detail and appealing.
Great craftsmanship which is good to see but please do not touch. Preserve how they are look like by not touching is always the best.
A common drum and bell that every Thai temple should have.
This is the main hall. It is another outstanding structure.
Can see some discoloration and some chipping sign over the structure. Yes, the structure are pretty fragile. What I can say is the material used are pretty economical which means the beauty of the structure may not last long. So it is the best as a visitors here to be responsible for not damaging the structure here by not touching anything here except the joss stick.
The only thing you should do is to donate some money to get a bunch of joss stick as return to say your prayer. Other than that, you may take photograph in this area and they will not restrict you or forbid you at any means. 
Some other structures in this area.
This is what you see first when you enter this temple.
No matter how great, rich, clever and outstanding you are, you will ended up in a pile of ashes in the end. Be grateful of what we have, be contented with what we got and cherished with what we owned. After all, you can't take them with you to another world.
Too many Thai temples at just this small town of Tumpat. Here is another temple which is called Wat Chonprachumthatchanaram. The longest temple name that I found which I had a hard time pronouncing it. You can try to pronounce it yourself. Haha...
This is the famous Goddess of Mercy at another Thai Temple which is still under construction. I can't cover all the Thai temples here. What I found out is, they keep on building new temples and I really curious is there really a lot of people praying? I thought Kelantan has the highest Muslim religion in Malaysia. Hmm...I wonder they are build for the prayers or for the tourists. Anyway, this post will mark the end of my Thai temples adventures at Tumpat.


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