Pantai Bisikan Bayu (Beach of Whispering Breeze), Tok Bali

Pantai Bisikan Bayu also known as the Beach of Whispering Breeze has a beautiful white sandy beach and greenish blue sea water. It is one of the famous beach for the locals no matter it is on the weekdays or on the weekends.
Include with this piece of blue blue sky, this beach has become the most beautiful beaches I have been to so far.
The wave is quite strong because the monsoon season is drawing near which is between November till January
Very very wide beach and clean too! You can do almost anything here. But there are no ready activities here.
There are ready built picnic site like this along the beach.
Each ready built picnic site can be used by one family. So the picnic sites are very limited. The alternative solution is to set up your own tent like this. Much more convenient and much more closer to the beach. Excellent family outing!
One thing unique about this beach is along the road you will see these kind of stalls selling food and drinks.
I am taking an example of one of the stall to check on what they are selling. This lady is making the satay ikan (satay fish).
Coconut jelly is sold here too.
Others are otak-otak, jagung bakar and burger. All of the stalls are almost selling the same thing so nothing really outstanding among the stalls. One thing I noticed is the flies at each stalls are just too much and very scary and gross! The hygiene of these food are really in a doubt. So try not to buy any food from here unless is can drinks. Bring your own food for the picnic.
Cleanliness: 4/5
Activities: None
Recommended?: Yes


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