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Mountain Climbing @Gunung Ledang, Tangkak

All these while I only have climbed hills and mountains which are less than 500m but today, I managed to set myself a new record by setting my footstep on the Malaysia's 6th most difficult mountain to climb which is known as Gunung Ledang. This great mountain is located between Tangkak and Segamat town.  This is a little history about this 1276m tall mountain. Just click on the picture to enlarge to read. As for the fee, please scroll to the bottom for more detail. Here is the main entrance where I have started to see enthusiast climbers who already reporting in. You are required to fill in the form to acknowledge what items you bring and how many of them. This is to ensure you that you are not going to leave any rubbish in the mountain. This is the gathering area where they group any large group here for briefing. That day, there are two big groups which are almost more than 100 climbers. My group itself already consists of 60 climbers. This is the map where yo