Wat Machimmaram, Tumpat

After we have a "Standing Buddha", now we have a "Sitting Buddha" which is located at Wat Machimmaram. These temple locations can be clicked at the link by the end of every post which will direct you to Google Map for the exact location.
Great architecture and very colorful design.
Together with the Buddha is the right and left guardians. This is the right one.
This is the left guardian.
The No Evil Monkeys - Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil. To remind us to stay away from hearing any evil thoughts, see any evil things and speak any evil words so we shall sparred from evil.
They are over hundreds of such similar Buddha statue circling the whole temple.
If you watched "Journey to the West", you know who is this abbot.
This is not a display. This large gong is really working. Hit it and say your prayer.
Inside the temple has a lot of such big pictures on the wall.
They are all in 3D. Can you see?
This is a magnificent picture of a 3D art.
Previously are the pictures of heaven and now over here are the gruesome hell pictures. These pictures reminded me a quote that you might heard somewhere before, "We all want to go to Heaven but no one wants to die." A quote that is worth to ponder upon.
Every temple you will notice something that they will surely have which is a drum and a bell like this.
This location has been listed as a tourist site at Kelantan. Do pay a visit no matter what religion you are. They will not restrict you because of what you are.


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