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Tribute to 4 Heavenly Kings Show in Genting

Aaron Kwok, Andy Lau, Leon Lai and Jacky Cheung are known as the 4 Heavenly Kings in Hong Kong entertainment industry. They have made their name during the 80s and 90s and the amazing part is they are still held in awe to this day. The best way to pay the tribute to these four heavenly kings is definitely finding someone who not just able to sing exactly like them but must look exactly like them too! This is what has done by the 4 impersonators who are known as Andy Wah, Leon Li, Ken and Wah D. These 4 impersonators are going to give us a great performance in the Tribute to 4 Heavenly Kings show at Genting Highlands.  Leon Li had ties with the man he impersonates—he was Leon Lai's substitute in the movie, One Night Surprise. He has also won several awards for his impersonating efforts and has since 2007 performed with Wah D, Ken and Andy Wah in concerts held in various countries. Among all the 4 impersonators, he is the most resemble with his original. Not just his look b

Great Eastern Genting King of the Mountain Carnival a.k.a Viper Challenge

After last year's successful event of the Viper Challenge at Genting, this year without any surprises, it has become the most anticipating event of the year! Almost everyone is looking forward for this event organized by Great Eastern and Resort World Genting. This year this event is known as Great Eastern Genting King of the Mountain. They got over 10,000 participants signed up for this event which is more than last year's 8,500 participants. I will not doubt they will get more participant in the following year. I can bet on that. Especially a great and smooth session by the organizers which a lot of the participants told me that they are very satisfied about it. Say enough with technology and gadgets, time to dunk yourself into their homemade Sirap Bandung, only if you are thirsty enough. You do not have to worry to get wet because there are shower and changing rooms provided after the event. This is one of the many obstacles that is known as The Gauntlet Challe

Coffee-ish, Sri Petaling

Coffee-ish hidden on the one of the small street in the busy Sri Petaling. You will easily neglected this cafe if you didn't turn your car into this narrow street. Even your phone signal bar will suddenly out of coverage when you are on this street. It is not a fancy type of cafe but they are all passionate baristas who just want to make a good cup of coffee for their customers. This is an Egg Baguette which comes which comes with their mushroom soup and a cup of coffee. This cost at RM11.00 nett. The baguette is okay but I do not really prefer boiled eggs with the bread. It is a little too dry. This is a Ham Baguette which is slightly more expensive than the Egg Baguette. RM13.00 nett. It is another very dry bread. I wish some sauce, or cream or even a scrambled egg will moist the bread up. Only their signature black coffee comes with the set meal. I prefer their mushroom soup more in that set because it is more creamy with hint of mushroom taste. The best fo

Shellout Seafood Restaurant, Dataran Sunway Damansara

Shellout is one of the seafood restaurant that just serve all their seafood on their table without any plates or bowls. Not just that, you are advised to eat with your bare hands. Yes, this is the well-known which is currently is a trend for seafood indulgence. All their seafood is served freshly in Cajun style which is more widely known as Louisiana seafood boil. Please take note to either come very early or call to book to avoid disappointment by waiting in a long queue. You allowed to borrow their colorful marker pens to sign on any part of the whole restaurant except their table. I saw some of the customers even made it to the ceiling. Incredibly outrageous! Somehow, it makes reminded me on the Harbour Steamboat restaurant . Hmm...that restaurant brings out a lot of memories. Haha...that bib suits perfectly on that kid of facial expression. She was so excited and this is the only time when she uses her hand to eat and not got scolded! Haha! Her favourite food is the Sweet

All about the escapade in Pulau Tioman, Pahang

Pulau Tioman is one of the 3 free trade zone islands in Malaysia. The other islands are Langkawi and Labuan. In my opinion, this is the best free trade zone island among all. The reason is because the sea life here are plenty and water is crystal clear. As for Langkawi, you need to travel a long way to Pulau Payar for a good snorkeling site. While Labuan doesn't really have a lot of corals around the beaches. Furthermore, the beaches in Labuan mostly infested with sand flies. As a special side tip, you are able to bring more alcohol off this island if you are not departing from the Tekek Village where there is a custom check at that place. Compare to other islands like Labuan and Langkawi, you are restricted with only 1 liter liquor or 4 cans of beer per person. Same goes to cigarettes.  There are two jetties that are departing to Pulau Tioman which is from Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemuk jetty. The most popular one is the Mersing Jetty because you can reach there easily