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(Special Post by Marta Velez) Europe vs KL

Hey! I am an expat in Kuala Lumpur and I love it. I have been here for a couple of months now and this city is still capable of surprising every day.  There are so many things to do, to see, to enjoy.  I have to confess that when I came here I did not know much about Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia I had never been to Asia before! This was a really spontaneous, exciting decision. Moving to a different continent, a country that you barely know to start a new life… Why not? I decided to focus this opinion article on comparing the western European world where I came from to the metropolitan Asian capital to where I moved to and the similarities are incredible. Kuala Lumpur is urban, modern, developed and energetic: in here it is possible to find anything that you see in Europe (and even more like the amazing rooftops), from the stores to the food to the clubs or to facilities, honestly the list is infinite. And where does Kuala Lumpur wins? Let’s base this on a football match. Kuala L

So Japneun Eobu, Tanjung Pagar

I am so glad that I able to meet Serene Tan again at Singapore instead of KL. She said she has never tried any Korean cuisine in Singapore before so we did a survey along the Tanjong Pagar Road and we found that not many Korean Restaurant open for Saturday lunch except this restaurant, So Japneun Eobu.  During lunch hour and it is on Saturday but no one in there. I have a hunch that their food might not be so nice. I spotted something amazing is this sleeping fish. I am not sure what fish is this. They just laying flat on the bottom. They are not dead of course...otherwise, the oxygen pipe will not be needed. These are their side dishes. Not a lot and not delicious either. I started to have this regret feeling of stepping in this restaurant. This steamed egg which is one of their side dishes taste the best among all. We have ordered pork belly, marinated pork rib and marinated spicy chicken. They cost $20.00++ each. The best is the marinated ribs and follow by

Kampachi Japanese Restaurant @Troika

Kampachi opened a new branch near KLCC inside a building which is known as Troika. The main branch inside the Equatorial Hotel  has closed down due to the hotel is doing whole building renovation. This branch at Troika just opened this year and they are providing a slightly different type of semi-buffet brunch. RM150++/pax (adult) and RM85.00++/pax (child). Since it is a new place, I always wanted to share the best with my respected Elayne jie to celebrate her birthday. Semi-buffet to them means there are ala-carte buffet and self-service buffet as well. There are certain dish in this menu which you only can order once which are their premium sashimi and main dish. Drinks are chargeable and we had a delightful Kirara Rice Tea which cost me at RM18.00++/pot. This is their premium sashimi which consists of Toro, Kanpachi and Tai. Each pax can only have one slice of each. They are really fresh and delicious but I just hate them for being so stingy. They should have given at

Paintball @X-treme Park Shah Alam

By looking at these mask, you will probably know that I will be talking about paintball in this post. We went to X-treme Park Shah Alam which has a lot of outdoor activities around. There are rock climbing, skateboarding and paintball. We purchased this activity from Groupon @RM380 for 10 pax and with 200 pallets per pax. Here are their markers. This side looks newer but they gave us old markers since we are getting this offer from Groupon. Well, it is very common that you won't get the best with a discounted price. Their mask are very unclear because of the scratches and their vest are very smelly because of the sweat. Anyway, here are the rules for the paintball. If you wish to read, just click the picture above to enlarge it. They have 2 paintball fields here. The picture above is the large field which can accommodate up to 12 pax. This is a smaller field which can fit up to 8 pax. When you are in the field, everyone starts to get serious with the game. You

Heli Lounge Bar @Menara KH

Malaysia maybe a little too slow by leaving behind by other neighboring countries such as Thailand and Singapore in roof top lounge or pub. However better late than never, I will introduce one of our local roof top lounge which is known as Heli Lounge at Menara KH. Together with my friend, Joyce. We are here trying to see a beautiful sunset within the busy kl city but unfortunately the weather did not give us the chance. We are placed in their indoor lounge while waiting for the rain to be ended. We can order their drinks and food in indoor lounge. For the roof top area, only snacks will be served instead of main course. It is at the 34th floor of Menara KH. So it is not very high enough to see a perfect view on our proud Petronas Twin Towers. Too bad they do not allow any kids here to see this great view. As for the KL Tower, we got the perfect view temporarily. There is an ongoing construction in between this two buildings which you can see the cranes. So in few years t