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Leaf & Co. Cafe, Petaling Street

Last week, I went to another "new" cafe which is known as Leaf & Co near Petaling Street. It is considered new to me because I really cannot keep up the pace of the cafe opening like almost everyday in Klang Valley.  What the cafe is doing is to remain the old looking interior with the old paint already chipping off and cement pasting everywhere. Even the floor is not marbled. How brilliant it is to maintain the retro look of it but not doing any renovation at all.  This is their smoking area which you can sit and relax looking at other people stuck in the jam. This is a kind of old architecture which is quite popular in the past which is have hole at the center of your house. It is really great to see a tree grows inside a shop but I do not know what will happened when it rains. However, I will still compliment the cafe owner for saving their renovation by keep this spot which gives extra brightness inside the shop. Even the tables and chairs are tho

Bukit Gambang Safari Park, Gambang

Bukit Gambang Resort City (BGRC) is an integrated resort city sprawling across 727 acres of secondary jungle. Strategically located in Gambang, Pahang, it is the gateway to the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia and the capital city of Pahang – Kuantan. BGRC is also nestled amongst the many natural and cultural attractions eagerly sought for by tourists locally or from abroad. With easy access via the East Coast Expressway, BGRC is a mere 218km from Kuala Lumpur and just 35km before the famous beach town of Kuantan. By air to Kuantan, the flight to Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport is approximately 40 minutes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), 90 minutes from Penang International Airport and 65 minutes from Singapore Changi Airport. BGRC is just a 35 minutes scenic drive away from the airport. There are 3 theme parks in BGRC which are their famous water park which has been awarded as the “Best Water Park in Malaysia” by Malaysian Association of Amusement Themepark and Family