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Yunnan Nationalities Village, Kunming

Quadricycle with 2 or 4 seats - CNY 100/vehicle (three hours)Balance bike - CNY 80/hourElectro car with 2 seats - CNY 80/hourSightseeing mini-train - CNY 30 per personSightseeing boat - CNY 20 per person13-seat battery car - CNY 500/car (two hours)7-seat battery car - CNY 300/car (two hours)


Jiuxiang Scenic Area, Yiliang, Kunming

Stone Forest, Shilin, Kunming.

From the airport: There is a special bus line straight to this location from 9.30am - 6.00pm with 8 trips per day. The return bus is from 8.20am - 5.50pm with 8 trips per day as well. The cost is CNY45/trip. The trip takes about slightly more than 2 hours.From Kunming South Railway Station: Take a bullet train to Shilin West first, which takes about 20 minutes, CNY29 for a first class seat, CNY18 for a second one. Upon arrival, you can take Bus 99 to the location. It takes about 50 minutes and costs CNY8-10. The bus is available from 7.50am - 10:30pm for every 30 minutes.From Kunming East Coach Station (at the East 3rd Ring Road area): The regular bus is available from 8.00am - 6.00pm and costs CNY34. The trip is also takes about slightly more than 2 hours.