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Diving at Koh Lipe

During the low season, if you signed up for a diving trip with Forra Dive Center, you will get a free night stay at their Forra Bamboo Resort. This wealthy Frenchman has his resorts in all 3 beaches which are Sunrise Beach, Sunset Beach and Pattaya Beach. They charged 1200 baht/dive. For 3 dives, it will be 3000 baht. Had the first dive at Yong Hua Wreck which is a big cargo ship sank in the 90s. The visibility is really bad because I dive at the wrong day. Always try to avoid the a week before and after a full moon.  Not just extremely poor visibility but also has very strong current as well! However, the most amazing part from this dive is a 40 meter dive experience. This was my first time to dive this deep. Not easy at all especially under poor visibility and strong current. I do not want to get lost in the middle of no where. My highly expected wreck dive ended up very poorly. I unable to see any special fish except Lionfish. Had my second dive at Ko Tarhu. Not a

Castaway Restaurant, Sunrise Beach

Due to low season, many restaurants and chalets are closed. So a very limited choice of restaurant to choose from. I am more fancy Castaway Restaurant because of their ambiance and they are serving delicious food! I had my breakfast and dinner here. As for now, I will just introduce their interesting Thailand breakfast. Oh ya, by the way...their food here are not cheap. Just to remind you so you won't criticize me for introducing such an expensive restaurant to you. You can choose from an eastern breakfast to a western breakfast. As for me, I prefer a Thai breakfast since I am in Thailand! However, their Thai breakfast is in Thai language which I hardly know what does it means. We had a nice waitress to explain that it is rice. The difference is either I want a "big" rice or a "small" rice with a choice of chicken, beef or pork. So I had a "big" rice with chicken which is in the picture above and a "small" rice with pork which is in the

The Sunset and the Sunrise, Koh Lipe

What is the most enjoyable thing to do in this island is to capture their sunrise and sunset. There are 3 beaches in Koh Lipe which are called Sunrise Beach , Sunset Beach and Pattaya Beach. You should know where to get the sunrise and sunset by now. Sunrise is the hardest view to capture for me because I need to wake up the way, this is not me of course. LOL Waking up early because not sure what time I might see the sun. So I woke up at 5.00am. LOL. Actually 6.30am is the right time. So taking some pictures around while waiting for 90 minutes because I am reluctant to hit back to bed because I might oversleep. Oh, no that's what I hate the next about watching sunrise is the cloud. Today, it will be too much cloud which will cover most of the sun. As expected, the sun peeking itself towards the thick cloud. Well, will still be getting a great view out of it! Not a bad sunrise at all.  That's the whole sun to s