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Media Hands-on cooking with Michael Elfwing @Starhill Culinary Studio, Starhill Gallery

It has been a real honor for me to be invited by Embassy of Sweden for the press conference about Swedish Culinary with the title Sweden - A Great Food Nation. The venue is at Starhill Culinary Studio, Starhill Gallery. This event is started from 12th Sept 2013 - 22nd September 2013. A long 10 days stretch just to introduce their Swedish cuisine into our multi racial country. We all known that we have a lot of cuisine from around the world in our country such as Japanese, Korean, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, Indian, Middle Eastern, American, French, Spanish, Mexican, Italian, German, Irish, British and many more to be listed. However, Swedish cuisine will be very new to us. I am truly excited what makes Swedish cuisine to be different with others. I was the first to arrive and glad to see the organizer have everything well setup and prepared. After being warm welcomed and well entertained by the staffs there, I took my own sweet time for a closer