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Sushi Azabu, Isetan The Japan Store @Lot10

It has been a while since my last Omakase session. I just miss having a chef in front of me preparing all kinds of amazing food to surprise me. This time this dream was fulfilled at Sushi Azabu which is located at the 4th floor inside Isetan, The Japan Store. Our chef that day was a handsome Japanese guy called Mr. Makoto Saito.  There are 3 types of Omakase set which starts from RM120++ which is known as Koi, comes with 10 types of unique nigiri sushi. Next is Azabu Course @RM220++, 2 kinds of sashimi, chawanmushi, 7 pieces of nigiri sushi, makimono, palate freshener and a dessert. If you would like something premium, go for Chef's Specialty Course @RM420++. What will be given to you will be a complete surprise. I had Koi course on that day. It was really enough for a small appetite like me. Supposed to get 10 pieces of different type of nigiri sushi but in the end I just realized that I only get 8 types of sushi Is it because some of the sushi given to us is using a

i1 Cafe, Taman Supreme

In the Google Map, it is written I One Cafe. When you have arrived at this cafe, their signboard is written as iI Cafe. When I asked  the staff, it is known as i1 cafe. 1 in number 1 not the word one. Hmm....confusing. Anyway, this cafe is located in a quite secluded location especially during at night, it is so dark and giving you an eerie feeling too. However, when I stepped inside the cafe, I really fall in love with the design and also the space it has given to me. Not a lot of tables but it is ample enough to give every each table a good privacy moment.  You will have to make an order at their counter and they do not accept card. They have specialty coffee with coffee beans from Mexico and Costa Rica.  That's what we were having on that day. A good supper and catch up session.  Spicy Mango Latte @RM13.00 - This drink capture my attention the most among all other drinks. Obviously because of its exotic kind of combination. The mild spiciness is the first t