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Jing Wood Cafe, Miri

Alright, let's move on about Miri. This astonishing scenery is from Meritz Hotel. This is a newly built hotel which is still under construction yet for certain part which you will hear they working as early as 8.00am and as late as 8.00pm. Pretty annoying despite this great scenery. Anyway, let's move on to the first food I dine at Miri which is at Jing Wood Cafe. It is a hawker center with no much choices to choose from. Well, basically in Miri there are pretty few choices to choose from especially for their dinner. So I have to carry on with this. Chee Cheong Fun (Prawn) @RM4.00 Outlook: 4/5 Creativity: 3/5 Taste: 3/5 Price: 3/5 Overall: 3/5 - The prawns are so few and the overall taste is very commonly done like anywhere else. Nothing special. BBQ Pork (100g) @RM8.00 Outlook: 4/5 Creativity: 4/5 Taste: 4/5 Price: 3/5 Overall: 3/5 - This is not bad. The pork is well BBQ and it is very delicious. A good discovery but the price is a little steep. 100g is t

Authentic Taiwanese Cuisine, Kluang

Sorry to have this spoiler before I moved on to my Miri trip report. Lately, I do not know what exactly happened in Kluang which the restaurants and cafes are opening up like nobody business. One of the newly opened restaurant is the Authentic Taiwanese Cuisine. This restaurant is bringing you the best Taiwan food into a small town like Kluang. Their designs in this restaurant are in the 60s. Wonder where do they get this. Incredible! Is it still functionable? Can I still listen to  Gotcha-call from 古早味酸梅汤@RM2.50 - Very interesting drink which carry sourish taste. You can order if you have not tried it but I will not try again. 沙茶炒猪肉 @RM12.00 Outlook: 3/5 Creativity: 3/5 Taste: 3/5 Price: 2/5 Overall: 2/5 - It says pork with vegetable but as you can see the pork meat is so small to be seen. I feel like eating vegetable more than eating the pork. RM12.00 is overly priced when the rice is not included. White Rice @RM1.20 台湾正宗红烧牛肉面 @RM6.00 O

Cafe Cafe, Sibu

This post is making the end of my Sibu trip. I really want to thank Suyin's aunt who is sitting in the middle of this picture for taking me to go all these places, giving me place to stay for whole 5 days and have a car for me to drive around but I did not use that car though because I did do any homework on where to go at Sibu. Pretty much relying on Suyin which she actually relying on her aunt. This final farewell dinner is held at a high class restaurant which is known as Cafe Cafe. Definitely not the same Cafe Cafe in KL but this is definitely way better than the one in KL at all aspects. You will understand why I saw so if you read on. I really love the lightings and the designs of this restaurant. Please do enjoy the whole pictures here before I moved on to their food. They have a small pond in the restaurant. Classic romantic feeling roam around this restaurant. With great picture on the wall like this, the atmosphere will be totally different. They have 2

Ta Fatt Trading Co. @Sibu

The story of Kong Piah continues and this time I bringing you to the wholesaler of Kong Piah which is known as Ta Fatt Trading Co. As you can see from the picture, this is the Kong Piah before it is filled with minced pork. We reached there at 11.00am but too bad that they left the salty type of Kong Piah. They sold out another Kong Piah which comes with Kaya taste. No luck...:( Oh ya, they does not sell Kong Piah with minced meat. They sell original taste with empty fillings. The minced meat is usually done by the stall such as like what you saw in my previous post at Sing Ming Kee Cafe. alright, let's move on to the making of Kong Piah. The red color shirt is the master of this great original Kong Piah taste. While the blue color shirt is his disciple. Both of them are very young. The master said he made the most original Kong Piah in Sibu and no one can ever make the taste near his. Wow...what a confident claim! His hands are so quick and as you can see all ar