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Tsujiri @Damansara Utama

Tsujiri has been around for more than 155 years which was after the end of Edo period in Japan. The brand Tsujiri was first established by Riemon Tsuji in Uji, Kyoto. The founder Riemon tapped his own wealth to improve the then tea industry, advancing and innovating the method to enhance the flavours and sweetness of the tea to accomplish in making the highest quality Gyokuro tea leaves. He also devised the tea cabinet to keep the tea leaves fresh longer, thereby enabled to revive the popularity and marketing of the Uji tea. His effort was well recognized by many and to attest to that, his statue was built in Byodoin, the Kyoto's world heritage temple. We are blessed to have one of their branches in our country which is located at Damansara Utama, Tsujiri Parfait @RM16.50++ Outlook: 4/5 Creativity: 4/5 Taste: 4/5 Price: 3/5 Overall: 3/5 - It is a simple parfait with just having cornflakes, sweet red beans, cherry and love letter in it. The most expensive part is their s

Yorokobi Art Cafe, Workshop & Gallery, Sri Petaling

My readers started to complain to me that I have been covering too much about Sri Petaling. I am sorry to say that I just can't help it because this newly built shop lot at Bandar Baru Sri Petaling especially along the Jalan Radin Bagus is creating a lot of new entrepreneurs and F&B protege to start opening amazing restaurants in the area. You need to be here to witness the unbelievable growth of it. A good example is Yorokobi Art Cafe, Workshop & Gallery. How can you not noticing this cafe with a huge and cute bunny sitting on it? And how can you not visiting it? It is located at the first floor. The ground floor is still remained vacant as of date. The cafe is not really big because it is divided into two which are the cafe which is the reason I am here for and the other one is the art gallery. The art gallery is the place where they will have a class for kids to explore their creative side of them. The class is open on Monday and Tuesday so when the classes

Holiday in Labuan

Some people think Labuan is a part of Sabah. There are some who thinks Labuan is a part of Brunei. Actually Labuan is a part of Bruneian Empire but due to internal strife over royal  succession and piracy has weaken the empire. The European powers began their colonization and started to take opportunity on the weaken Bruneian Empire, Spanish took over their territory in Philippines, Dutch took Southern Borneo while the British, James Brooke was more interested with Labuan because he was intended to make this place better than Singapore. In 1963, Labuan became a state of Sabah and has joined together with states to become Malaysia. In 1984, the Government of Sabah ceded Labuan to the federal government which later been accessed to a federal territory. It was declared an international offshore financial centre and free trade zone in 1990.  So after a short history about Labuan, you should able to know more about Labuan. Either you have once thought that Labuan is a part of Labuan o

Mi Na Rae Korean Restaurant, Sri Petaling

It has been a very long time since I have written about a Korean cuisine. I have been upset by a lot of new Korean restaurants recently until the point of time I truly forgot when was the best time I had a good Korean meal before. Lately, as I have been keep exploring the food places in Sri Petaling, my Elayna Jie recommended me again a restaurant called Mi Na Rae. Mi Na Rae Korean Restaurant is located at the first floor. Have you ever wonder why most of the Korean likes to open their restaurant upstairs? I really do not know why and it seems like a culture to them. The set up is very humble and cozy. You won't see any haze in this restaurant like you used to see in other Korean restaurant where they will cook in front of you. This restaurant's policy is no cooking in front of their customer. So if you like to see your food prepared right in front of you, this is not the restaurant you are looking for. Kimchi Mandu Jeongol (small) @RM50.00++ Outlook: 4/5 Creativit