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Aroii Thai @Shaftsbury Square

Thai Boat Noodles is a trendy authentic Boat Noodles originated in Bangkok Kwan Riam Floating Market located between Soi Saereethai 60 and Soi Ramkhamhaeng 187 where the vendors cook food in the little boats. It gains popularity not only with the locals but the tourist alike due to its sophisticated aroma riched soup based with sultry smooth Thai glass noodle that consists of more than 10 ingredients to prepare a piping hot bowl of comfort food. Aroi Thai Boat Noodles will target both Thai food lovers as well as casual diners looking for good food in a fascinating Thai atmosphere. Recently there is an interesting Thai restaurant which is known as Aroii Thai opened at Shaftsbury Square at Cyberjaya. The interesting part is all their food and drinks are only RM1.90++/each. I am not joking and I thought it was a gimmick too when I first heard of this. So I decided to drop by all the to Cyberjaya for a visit.  Aroii in Thai means delicious. This delicious eatery is always packed with

Diving at Lombok

More than 50% of the tourists coming to Lombok just for diving. Do not need to debate to realize how beautiful is the marine life at Lombok where it is pincer by Alas Strait and Lombok Strait. Gili Islands is the most popular place for diving in Lombok. The dive sites available here are just too attractive and a lot. This is the dive boat that is used in Lombok. The amount of dive centers in just Gili Trawangan alone is outrageous. There will always a dive center just a stone throw away so you are truly pampered with the choices you have got here, Since there are so many dive centers, there are some information you should know to pick the right dive center to make a perfect holiday for yourself. Here are the things you should know about diving at Lombok: At Gili Islands, all the dive centers have an agreement which is to fix their dive price. So you do not have to go around and survey for the best price. All the prices are the same. While at the mainland, the prices will b

10 things to do at Lombok

Lombok is a big island of Indonesia where it has more than 3.4 million population here and most of them are Sasak which is one of the ethnic group from Indonesia. I only stay for 5 days 4 nights at Gili Islands and I can assure you that it is not enough to explore the whole island. It requires at least a month to do so. So my suggestion for you to do at Lombok is not complete but it is good enough for you to have a bigger view on what you would expect from here. 1. Diving Half of the tourists on this island is to join the diving activity. The most popular dive site is at Gili Islands where you can find a dive center at every 10 meters you walk. The other popular dive sites will be at Sengigi and Kuta. The water is super clear especially during their dry season which is between May - September which is also the peak season here. The marine life is spectacular especially they have full of sea turtles around. If you do not have a diving license, you have just missed the half