Ming Kee Cha Siew, Jalan Alor

It has been a long time for me to find my once beloved Char Siew rice during my salaryman's day. The stall is called Ming Kee Char Siew. I used to dine at their old location which is at Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin but after they were closed, there are no notice of where they have moved to. After making a research online, I found out the just moved to another road which is at Jalan Alor. So without further ado, I grabbed my old buddy Ann Jee to accompany me to this stall.
Same old people who are working for this stall. Hopefully the taste would be the same too!
Nice fragrance rice but it cost RM2.00/plate. A little too expensive don't you think?
This is the famous Char Siew. What is so delicious about this Char Siew is the meat is with a little fat in it to create a slight chewy experience but the best part is when you take the first bite, the crispy Char Siew skin is crunchy and every each bite will squeeze a little honey juice into your mouth. Perfect! However, the portion is so small for 2 pax!
Delicious bean sprout but too expensive for RM10.00/plate.
New place, same taste but getting very expensive. Old customers like me will notice. The price is the same but the portion is getting really smaller. How can Char Siew rice can cost us RM26.00 in total? It is just too expensive and not worth it at all! I am so sad that my once loved Char Siew rice becomes like this. I prefer a stall who is serving food to please their customers instead of earning every single bit from a customer. That's the heart of a hawker stall.
Total Damage: RM26.00
Ambiance: 2/5
Service: 2/5
Food Serving Speed: Moderate
Will I Revisit?: No

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