Pantai Sri Tujoh, Tumpat

Kelantan and Terengganu have not much exciting spots except their beautiful beaches. I will guide you along the way from Kelantan all the way to Terengganu in this one week. So I will start off with Pantai Sri Tujoh which is the nearest beach to the Thai border at Tumpat. One thing special about this beach is it has a fresh water lake. As we can see from the picture here.
Apart of the fresh water lake, there is a swamp here too. This place will be much dirtier.
The sky on that day was not very pleasing. Well, when you are here between the month of September and January. You will always been greeted with heavy rain. The monsoon period will be between October till January. Within this period, avoid to visit any of these beaches. Extremely dangerous!
The sea color is not very attractive. Slightly brownish and not clear.
The beaches are wide but...
...very dirty!!!
There are kayaking and canoeing service here in this fresh water lake.
Overall, I am not really fancy with this beach. Too dirty! The only highlight is it has a fresh water pond which most of the beaches does not have.
Cleanliness: 1/5
Activites: Kayaking & Canoeing
Recommended: No


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