Pantai Air Tawar, Kuala Besut

What you can do while waiting for the ferry for you to go to Pulau Perhentian at Kuala Besut? You can take a trip to this beach which is known as Pantai Air Tawar. No, the water here are not fresh water if you were about to ask.
Reason why it is called Pantai Air Tawar is because of this lake. This lake is fresh water.
There are picnic sites here too. Over here are much more cozy than Pantai Bisikan Bayu because of these trees.
This beach has more greens than any other beaches I have been to so far. I like the fresh air from the sea and from these pine trees as well.
Very beautiful right? You feel like want to jump in to the sea even with your clothes on right? Hold on...please see the next picture.
Oh my...what is the point of having a beautiful beach like this but you are not allowed to swim?
Maybe that's the reason why this beach can remain its beauty without being polluted by rubbish
Nothing better to do, just show off your art skill. Better than you are doing it on people's wall.
Or like me just be here for the scenery while waiting for my ferry to come.
OR...who cares...just jump in and pretend did not see the board. LOL
Such a wide beach with trees as shelter. This is an awesome beach!
1 km from where I was, there is a man made rock like this to defend against any large storm or even tsunami to hit the Kuala Besut Jetty.
That's the jetty and the bridge which the rock has the duty to defend. This side of the water is very dirty and quite smelly. Very big difference with the one at the beach.
This is a very long stretch almost 200m long of man made rock defense.
A tower buoy to light up the boat at night. Overall, I really love this beach but too bad you are not really allowed to swim here or else swim at your own risk.
Cleanliness: 4/5
Activities: None existing
Recommended?: Yes


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