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Windmill Climb, Pulau Perhentian Kecil

I admit I am a lazy bum that very hard to get up early especially to catch the sunrise because I usually get an upset like this where the sun covers by a thick cloud like this.
Well, what to do but just grabbing a seat and wait...I do not want to carry my disappointment back to my bed.
And...finally, my long waited sun is revealing itself within the clouds to give me this great scenery.
Time to make a fun with the sun :) real purpose for this post is not about the sun at Pulau Perhentian Kecil but it is about my another jungle trekking adventure in this island and my destination is the windmill. You can catch up my previous jungle trekking activity at Pulau Perhentian Besar
Just for this shot, I am fed by hundreds of mosquitoes. So mosquito repellent is highly required. I recommend you to buy a patch type mosquito repellent. It works way better than a spray version. 
The jungle track to the windmill is not visible at all and it does not really guides you how to get there. I wasted almost one hour on the wrong road and I almost gave up.
I turned back and see this crossroad which leads me to Coral Bay.
Rubber trees are still exists here in this island.
This is the Coral Bay which is another side of Long Beach. It is a smaller beach with nothing much activity to do.
However, their cafe, restaurants and chalets are nicely built and decorated. Okay, let's get back to the windmill adventure which I still unable to find the right path heading there.
After consulting people at Bubu Long Beach, finally they pointed me to this very not obvious pathway which does not has any signboard directing you.
They are a little jump and climb you got to do along the way which is only this part so please be careful.
You will pass by this signal receiving station. This is the place you got the best phone signal compare with any other location.
Actually this journey is just going to take you about 15 minutes to 20 minutes but we have made a detour which used up almost 1 hour and 30 minutes.
There you are you windmill!!! We almost given up on you but the scenery on this top of the hill was just amazing.
This is the source of power for this island. Wind power + Solar power.
You can see the jetty here where you can actually take a boat from Long Beach to Windmill for RM20/pax without going through the jungle. But...what is the fun then, right?
Solar power roofing all the way to the top.
I like the achievement I did for today for not giving up or else I unable to capture this piece of amazing scenery.
Please do enjoy some of my shots here.
Okay, some direction for you to decide where else you can go from here. Long Beach is where I started, continue to another beach own by D'Lagoon Chalet or tired of walking...can head for the taxi boat. I chose to walk back to Long Beach as I got a boat to catch up at 12.00pm and I have not had my breakfast yet. So hungry. If I had enough time, I will continue my journey to D'Lagoon Chalet.
It is not about the sea when you are in the island, do explore the heart of the island as well. It can be pretty enjoying too! The best part of this activity is it is absolutely free!!! Just remember to bring your insect repellent and you are good to go.
Freakout Level: 3/5

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