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Bread & Butter @Viva Home

Today, I feel like the end of the world for me. Numbness feeling runs throughout my whole body and emotion. Because...when I open my Canon 600D from my camera bag and found out that my Hoya HD Filter (RM450) broken into pieces, my Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 VC lens cap (RM1500) is stucked together with my Hoya Filter and the worst part is my Tamron lens no longer function well. My Tamron lens only can work between 17mm to barely 35mm focal length. Seems like the zoom rings is broken internally. I never know my DSLR camera damage itself after a drop inside my camera bag can be still this extensive. The consolation part is my Canon 600D is still functioning well. So the below picture is taken using my badly damage Tamron lens. Ouch! I still have to continue this professionally so let's move on to today's agenda. Yup, a breakfast at Viva Home, Cheras. Jackcow voucher brought us here to experience something other than just ordinary bread. The link for the deal as follow: RM4.90 f

Singapore River Cruise, Singapore

Taxi and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) are not the only public transports that you can get in Singapore. Another public transport which is pretty convenient when travel between tourist spots which is the Water  Taxi. They have several pickup and drop off zone priced between S$4 - S$12 which are: 1) Artscience Museum 2) Merlion Park 3) Esplanade 4) Clarke Quay 5) Boat Quay This is the Artscience Museum station. Before that, we were waiting for our River Taxi at Esplanade Station. Beautiful scenery with bridge and sparking water. Malaysia does not have a river this clean!!! That is a River Cruise which is for bigger groups to have a private boat to travel along this freshwater reservoir. Marina Bay Sands - view from the river. Enjoying cool air and beautiful air under the Benjamin Sheares Bridge. Close shot on the DNA bridge! You order the river taxi from their station but pay when you are in the boat. However, I have finished using my Singapore Dol

Bon-Ga Korean Restaurant @SohoKL, Mont Kiara

It has been a very long time since I had my last Korean meal at Singapore which ended up in a super duper bad experience. Unlike Japanese cuisine which you can enjoy a variety of foods such as noodles (Ramen, Udon, Soba), Sashimi, Sushi, Nabe, Katsu Don and much much more to be listed. As for Korean cuisine, what I enjoy most is only their BBQ set and Ginseng Chicken Soup. Nothing else that I like. Therefore, it just have to be some day my Korean mood struck me like today only I will dine in a Korean restaurant. So  I happened to be at Soho KL and Restoran Bon-Ga is the only choice. Occupying the whole 2nd floor and half of the 3rd floor. They have their own personal lift too! They use gas stove to quicken the grilling process and using charcoal as well to add the BBQ flavor on the meat. Not all Korean restaurant are using such method for their BBQ meat. As usual, their variety of side dishes which are refillable for free when you order their BBQ set. However, not rea

Singapore Flyer, Raffles Avenue

After finishing our bad korean food, we continue our Singapore de Tour at Singapore Flyer which is located at Raffles Avenue. Singapore Flyers is something similar like our Malaysia's Eye On Malaysia  but the only difference is you will feel Singapore's S$29.50 Ferris Wheel is more worth than our Malaysia's RM20.00 Ferris Wheel. This is because you will feel Eye On Malaysia is like a normal ride to see the Malacca City which you will be experiencing in a normal theme park since Malacca does not have many high rise buildings. However for Singapore Flyer, it will be a totally different experience. Read along and you will understand why. Welcome to Singapore Flyer! S$29.50 (adults), S$20.95 (children) and S$23.60 (senior). You will get 10% discount if you purchase online for at least 30 minutes ride. You will need to go through luggage and body inspection to avoid any unwanted incident to happen. Hehe...this is not the officer working there of course. She is a good

Vintage @IOI Boulevard

This is another example of why you should not use vouchers as a celebration after my last experience at Eyuzu Japanese Restaurant with my beloved sister. This is a voucher from Dealmates . The link for the deal as below: RM28 for a 3-course Meal The reason for me saying so is because at first I planned to go to their Sri Hartamas branch. However, I failed to call or even locate the restaurant as stated in their link. When I consulted a guard at Hartamas Shopping Centre, he said that the restaurant has been moved to another location. The worst part is not just the IOI Boulevard Puchong does not know their Sri Hartamas branch has moved but it was Dealmates  does not even announced to us as their customers who already purchased their vouchers! So I traveled all the way to IOI Boulevard Puchong. Can you imagine the distance? Finally I arrived at the restaurant. Their cocktail bar Their dining area. It is really a great place for fine dining. Their wine cellar Eve