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Subak Restaurant, Bukit Lanjan

I find it right now dining with the nature has becoming a trend. People just loves to get away from the busy city and get some fresh air within the woods. Subak restaurant is one of them to deliver such atmosphere for you to enjoy. It is located on top of Bukit Lanjan. Searching for this restaurant can be tricky but nowadays anyone is relying on Waze so this shouldn't be a problem. The trees are covering this whole restaurant as umbrella. The air is so fresh and chilling. There is no need for a fan or air-con here. However, there is only one issue which is the mosquito. They are pretty annoying and that is what you get in the woods. Their solution to that is to place a mosquito coil under your table. Now you no longer smell the fresh air but the mosquito coil. I would suggest to sit in this area which is brighter and has fan which is better. They have a lot of seats available here and it is good for company event or a simple gathering. Subak restaurant is serving a fusion

Volcano Shabu Shabu @Shaftsbury Square

On the same row of the famous Kiraku Japanese Restaurant , Ikhasas Group opened another outstanding restaurant which is known as Volcano Shabu Shabu. They have two locations on the same level. They separated them because one is for the buffet and one is for ala-carte. What I am going to introduce here is their buffet style. This place is seriously lots of people during lunch hour especially on Friday where those who doesn't need to go for Friday prayer will enjoy their 2 hours 30 minutes break in this restaurant and they got to eat all they can. Advance booking is highly advisable or else you have to wait until someone finished but that is highly unlikely because all the diners here seems like wanted to sit in here till their break is almost finished. The price here is really affordable. Their lunch buffet is only at RM21.90++/pax while dinner is RM24.90++/pax. If you have children below 120cm tall, they got to enjoy at the price of RM9.90++/pax only. The price is very co

Kiraku Japanese Restaurant, Shaftsbury Square (revisit)

I was invited for another visit to Kiraku Japanese Restaurant after the owner saw my previous post about my unpleasant experience I had before. Kiraku Japanese Restaurant is owned by Ikhasas. Basically Ikhasas owned the Shaftsbury Square and the Shaftsbury Serviced Suites. They are trying to create the Shaftsbury Square to a dining heaven just like how the Scott Gardens has been doing. Their target market is to the middle class people who is looking for nice food with lesser money to spend. Their effort to improve and change better to attract people to choose Shaftsbury Square is outstanding. That's why I was invited again to experience the things that they have improved. James Wong is the master chef in this restaurant. He worked in  Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine  for more than a decade before invited to join the Ikhasas family. One thing that surprised me which he was a vivid diver and with a dive master qualification just like me. We got plenty to talk about especially about diving

Hommed Baga, Gadong

Today I was highly recommended by my newly met Bruneian friends to this awesome restaurant which is know as Hommed Baga. In English, it means Homemade Burger. The restaurant is not very big but easily full during lunch and dinner hour. We were there early to avoid the crowd. This is the counter which looks bare and nothing. However, what makes this restaurant so awesome is yet to come. This restaurant is practicing self-service. The owner started from a small burger stall into a chain restaurant like this. He has owned 3 chain restaurants all over Brunei. The reason he is this good is because he will never use processed meat. The meat he served are minced by themselves. That's why it is homemade. Not just that, even their sauce is their very own recipe.  There are the types of burgers they are selling here and the price. Baga Ayam Bagang @B$10.80 Outlook: 4/5 Creativity: 4/5 Taste: 4/5 Price: 3/5 Overall: 3/5 - Ladies and gentleman, this is the 8 inch c

Restoran Dan Khidmat Sajian Kaka, Jerudong

This trip is my third trip to Brunei and is the best trip ever among all. The reason is I get to know some nice local Bruneian to take me around to try their Bruneian cuisine at Restoran Dan Khidmat Sajian Kaka. Special thanks to Mars Liew to make this happened. This restaurant is not very big but it is one of their famous restaurant for their Bruneian cuisine. I would expect a famous restaurant like this will have at least 2 shop lots space. Nasi Katok @BS1.30 Outlook: 3/5 Creativity: 4/5 Taste: 5/5 Price: 4/5 Overall: 4/5 - Nasi Katok is a simple Bruneian chicken rice which consists of white rice, fried chicken and chili paste. The reason for this simple dish to be this good is their chili paste which makes you able to eat the whole rice with the chili paste even without the chicken. I am not sure how they cook the white rice because it is not the ordinary white rice that I used to have. They are amazingly fragrant which you can taste the fragrance in every single ric