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Sarawak Chamber @ Mulu Heritage Park, Sarawak

After the preliminary round at Racer Cave , only 8 out of 10 of us are qualified for the Sarawak Chamber adventure. It is really sad news for those who failed are unable to join for the ultimate adventure. Imagine it we came all the way just for it. Anyway, the staffs are very strict and no room for negotiation at all for our safety sake. The cave is not somewhere nearby the headquarter. We need to walk to camp 1 for 3 hours and overnight there before we begin our adventure to Sarawak Chamber in the next morning. The first hour of the walk was fine because we have Paku Waterfall beside us and Mulu Skywalk Canopy above us. It was truly rewarding but after that, the trail gets tougher as there is no visible trail can be seen.  We are 100% depend on our rangers to guide us through the whole journey. That was not all. The insects were the most annoying part in our journey. An insect which looks like a fly which sting and sucks blood. It is very painful. That's what attack

Racer Cave @Mulu Heritage Park

After 3 years, I am back again to Mulu Heritage Park. As I promised in my Mulu post before this , I will be back for the caving adventure and here I am again. I am here for 3 Days 2 Nights initially for the Sarawak Chamber Expedition but in the end I ended up staying another extra night which I explain further in the Sarawak Chamber Expedition post.  For your information, before you are qualified to join the Sarawak Chamber Expedition, it is compulsory to join their Racer Cave adventure caving first. If you failed this test, you will are not allowed to join the Sarawak Chamber Expedition. They are really strict in this.  The price of this adventure is RM160/pax with the minimum of 3 pax. We will have to take a 10 minutes boat ride before reaching to this entrance of the cave. The cave is an immediate level but you are required to wear harness for safety reason during certain parts in the cave where you need to descend at least 5 meters deep. We have 10 pax joining this trip so w

Excapade Sushi Japanese Restaurant, Miri

It has been 2 years since the last time I visited Miri. I see a lot of new buildings, new malls and new beaches that are opened. I am truly happy to see the Oil Town Miri is back to its glory. At Tanjong Lobang Beach, there is a new chained Japanese restaurant which is originated at Brunei. It is called Excapade Sushi Japanese Restaurant. Now they have expanded to Miri. I used to dine in this restaurant at Brunei which you can check out the post here . This restaurant has a lot of branches in Brunei so you shouldn't be surprised when they spend big at Miri to have such a spacious space. Their menu has been improvising ever since the last time I visited 4 years ago. A lot of the things you would want to try. Battera Smoked Salmon @RM15.60++ Outlook: 3/5 Creativity: 4/5 Taste: 4/5 Price: 3/5 Overall: 3/5 - The combination of the crunchiness, grilled taste, sweet rice and fresh salmon is really how a perfect maki should be done. And they did it just well. Tai U