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Torii Japanese Restaurant, Plaza Batai

Torii is a Japanese pub alike restaurant with yakitori a.k.a meat skewers as their signature. They have a range of sake, red wines, champagnes and any other exotic type of alcohol beverages which you may never heard of. The most bizarre wine which cost RM15,000++ is also available here. I wonder how long does it takes for them to sell one bottle of that. The interior design is not really a place that looks like you are going to open a RM15k wine. The space is quite tight and lack privacy for you to really enjoy an expensive wine. Yakitori is their specialty so be ready for a smokey restaurant but their ventilation is way better than some Korean restaurant. You wouldn't smell too bad after dining here. Stone Bowl Rice @RM36.79 Outlook: 4/5 Creativity: 4/5 Taste: 4/5 Price: 2/5 Overall: 3/5 - A bowl with full of luxurious seafood in it which can't be that bad at all. The only problem is the size. It is way too small even for a person. They need to serve a bigg

Vitamin Sea, Seri Kembangan

After  Shellout , I brought my two lovely borther and sister to experience another restaurant with Cajun seafood style at Vitamin Sea which is located at Sri Kembangan. The restaurant and the seating are not as comfortable like  Shellout  because it is an open space restaurant. As for their menu, it is pretty straight forward. Two sets of package with two different kinds of taste and other side orders. By the way, this restaurant provides gloves which is less messier and doesn't leave our hands with the fishy seafood smell like what I had experience at  Shellout . Combo A: Mud Crab set @RM99.00++. We had this in cream sauce because my sister can't take any spicy stuff. That's a letdown. The cream sauce is less impressive because the sauce is not hot or at least warm. It is cold at room temperature.  Combo B: Flower Crab set @RM79.00++. This time we ignored our sister and had their in-house signature spicy sauce. The taste is much more better than the cream sauce.

Perfume Dance Cafe @IOI City Mall

While browsing through the directory at IOI City Mall to look for a place for a decent lunch, I was so puzzled why is the shop named Perfume Dance popped up under the food & beverage category. My first glance was thinking that the management must has made a silly mistakes. It is logical when the word "perfume" and "dance" got no relation with food at all. It is either a perfume shop or a dance class. That's what I thought not until I clicked inside and saw the pictures and the description. The moment I saw the interior design of it, I was awed by it. It is really an exquisite design and the space is spacious. It does gave us a little privacy for us to have a nice catch up and of course not to forget...selfie. The chandelier, chairs, tables, mirrors, paintings and mirrors are the every details making this restaurant to be so elegantly captivating. You will definitely fall in love of this cafe the moment you see it. All these concept is brought fro

Alice in Wonderland live @Genting Highlands

Watch Lewis Caroll's classic fairy tale comes to life in this musical! For the first time in Malaysia, Alice in Wonderland will present a spectacular visual feast for all ages in Resorts World Genting, following their sold-out tours in China and performances in Singapore and Hong Kong. Alice in Wonderland is an international collaboration between Canadian director-photographer Suzannee Goyette, Chinese playwright Wang Lingyun and visual director Tao Kai. Alice in Wonderland, The Musical Show will be held rom 17 to 26 March, at 8.00pm daily except on Sunday with an extra show at 4.00pm. A special package is available from RM859 nett that includes a one-night stay in a Triple Room at First World Hotel and four Alice in Wonderland VIP tickets (for two adults and two children). This package is valid till 26th March 2017. As a token of appreciation, you will be given a special handmade candy upon entry. If you would like to walk in without staying, the ticket price is starts f

Restoran Tim Sum, Taman UOG

Restoan Tim Sum has always catching my eyes because their tables are always fully occupied especially during the weekends. Other than that, hunting for a parking here is really a pain. That's the reason why I have taken so long to grab an opportunity to dine here. To know a dim sum restaurant is good or not, all I have to do is to try their siew mai.  Too much lean meat is used instead a good proportion of fat meat in it. It just make the siew mai less chewy and tangy. Second is har gao. The main ingredient for har gao is the prawn. The prawn must be at a very adequate size so that you can taste the freshness and the springy texture of it. They failed to do so. When the most popular siew mai and har gao are not up to standard, you can expect others as well. The price is not cheap too for a plate like this but you must be questioning me why there are still so many people eating there? Based on my observation, the reason is simple. This is the only dim sum resta