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La Vie En Rose @Bukit Ceylon

Everyone knows that to open a restaurant, the two important basic things must have are the restaurant must be located in the crowded area and must be easily visible for everyone to know their existence. Surprisingly for La Vie En Rose restaurant, they are located at the heart of KL which meets the basic requirement but it is hardly visible even by me who was working at Menara Aik Hua before for 3 years.  Just opposite the restaurant is a row of abandon shop houses. Do notice this restaurant when you see those graffiti. The road to the restaurant is not noticeable because the road is smaller than a lane. The worst part is you need to make a sharp 360 degrees turn, to head up to this restaurant. It is very dangerous when you are along the busy road of Jalan Raja Chulan. La Vie En Rose is a French restaurant. Their parking space is extremely limited. To describe better the meaning of my "limited" I will just explain it with number. It can only park no more than 6 cars

Senja Restaurant, The Saujana Hotel & Resort

Same as Shangri-La Hotel, I reckon that The Saujana Hotel & Resort is another hotel has gathered all the finest restaurants in one hotel which are  Kogetsu Japanese Restaurant , The Restaurant and now Senja Restaurant. An interesting thing about Senja Restaurant is not a Malay restaurant but an Italian restaurant instead. Who would have think of that? They are only opened for dinner with a spectacular man made lake view. It is a nice and cosy restaurant which eventually will make you feel relax and chill. However, this side is the smoking session unless you do not mind smoking smell bothering you. Inside will be the non-smoking zone which is pretty cozy too but you are not able to see the lake view easily. got to see this awesome live band started to perform from 8.00pm onwards. They sing a very beautiful songs which is really great to have for your dining experience with your partner. A truly genuine Italian restaurant will always use their Italian woo

The Restaurant, The Saujana Hotel & Resort

Away from the hectic city of KL there is a place called The Saujana Hotel & Resort which has occupied a large amount of land at Shah Alam to build their golf course and luxury resort. A lot of restaurants in it too and one of them which is worth to highlight is The Restaurant which is serving a modern European cuisine. Since the place is so big, restaurants are everywhere. The Restaurant is located at The Club Saujana Hotel & Resort. That is the signboard you need to look out for to reach here.  A restaurant surrounded by garden is truly pleasant to dine at. Please take note their lunch menu and dinner menu are totally different . In this post, I will be introducing their lunch menu and some of the following dishes will be changed occasionally. Their complimentary bread is very delicious. I like their initiative to bake the bread again for us when we request for a top up. A newly baked bread is even more delicious! Especially the wholemeal bun. Even it is complime

Marini's on 57 @KLCC

In Singapore, you will see high class restaurants open their restaurant with Marina Bay Sands view. In KL, it will be the Petronas Twin Tower instead. However, to allow you to dine with the tower so up close and personal to you, it got to be Marini's on 57. Outstanding view which will just leave a memory of a lifetime to you.  You are very encouraged to make advanced reservation before visiting unless you are coming here for a common daily dining. This restaurant is located at Tower 3 and the entrance is near where the Chanel shop is. You will see a man with black suit at the entrance to escort you to their lift. Their lift is only going to take you to 57th floor which is where this restaurant is located. If you plan to dine by the window, they do set a minimum spending of RM300++/pax. Do not worry about it because you will easily spent more than that even with just main course and drinks only. This level is divided to two parts which are the restaurant and the bar. So