Gua Tempurung (Tour 1 - Golden Flowstone), Gopeng

Talking about caving, at East Malaysia, we will surely talk about Gua Niah. While at West Malaysia, many of us will think of is this, Gua Tempurung. So here I am at the entrance of one of the famous caves in Malaysia.
A little history about this cave for you to know more.
These are the prices and packages that you can choose from based on the difficulty and the adventure you would like to experience. Please take note on the number of people as well in your group. Tour 3 (Top of the World & Short River Adventure) & 4 (Grand Tour) have to be minimum of 8 pax. Tour 2 (Top of the World) is 4 pax and for any lesser than that will be Tour 1 (Golden Flowstone)
Here are the sample pictures of what you going to experience depending to the tour you took.  So you have a good picture on what you will be experiencing. If you only have three pax or below and you do not wish to go for the tour 1, you have 2 options;
1) Wait for other visitors to come. NOTE: Not many visitors on weekdays, non Public Holidays and non School Holidays.
2) Can't wait and getting impatient? Pay for the balance! Example if you want to go for the Grand Tour but you only have 3 pax, so you need to pay the balance 5 pax. So instead of RM22.00/pax, now the cost is RM58.67/pax.
Not really worthwhile for me to do so when I only have 2 pax. So it is pretty expensive! Actually you are paying for the tour guide fee. No matter which tour package you chose, you will be accompany with a tour guide. So far, this is the only cave I experience with a compulsory tour guide.
So, we took the Golden Flowstone which is just a tour inside the cave without getting wet. As you can see here, the pathway for you to walk on is very well built and well maintained. Lights are all over the cave so basically torchlight are not needed for this tour.
What is under the pathway is the clear water from this cave flowing out.
As you can see, the cave is pretty bright with lights and spotlights. You do not really have to worry about darkness.
Not really dusty like Gua Kandu even though it is also made of limestone.
Yup, there are still bats here but not many because the cave is too bright for them to live in. So the mostly live in the inner cave where the light source is totally gone. Since there are less bats, means less stinky smell.
Even though the cave is bright, my picture is still shaky. I still need a tripod somehow for a landscape picture like this. So for vivid photographers like me, you are advised to bring your own tripod.
This is the reason why this tour is called Golden Flowstone. Basically, it is just a cave shined with their artificial yellow spotlights.
This is an awesome big stalagmite.
As you can see in this tour, you are just climbing up and down the stairs. No real difficulty in here.
The cave is really huge and wide. This picture shows the ceiling of the cave.
This is the stalactite which is about to reach the stalagmite to form a pillar.
I can't get the whole wide angel view of this whole cave with my 24mm wide angle lens. Seems like only can fit in a 8mm fisheye.
She was enjoying herself. I am pretty sure about that. This time is just less dirty, less smelly, less dusty and less exciting for her. Another experience, surely.
Some of the stairs are wet because of the water dripping in this cave. So be careful.
So this will marks the end of the tour. The tour guide is pretty useless in this tour. Their only job is to make sure you don't go out from the pathway and do not let you go pass to the Tour 2 which is Top of the World Tour. They don't even bother to explain to us about this cave. Maybe not to us at the very least.
This is the water flowing out from the cave and they make a nice Koi Pond here. Overall, I am not really like this tour so I am hoping to get enough friends to go for the Grand Tour for the next round. Note: There is additional charges of RM2.00/pax for their tour fee for each tour you take.
Total Damage: RM16.00
Freakout Level: 1/5
Service: 1/5
Recommended?: No. Opt for other tour.
Opening Hours: 9.00am - 4.00pm (daily)


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