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AOV Paintball Trading, Johor Bahru

Package A: 500 paintballs (2 hours) - RM128/paxPackage B: 250 paintballs (1 hour) - RM99/paxIncludes: Body vest, face mask, paintball marker, field/game masterRequirement: Age 12 and above, minimum 4 pax.
Service: 3/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Price: 2/5
Freakout Level: 4/5
Recommended?: No unless they started to fix their paintball markers.

AOV Paintball Trading
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Rockworld, Johor Bahru

4 Entrance Passes (valid for 2 months) - RM606 Entrances Passes (valid for 3 months) - RM9010 Entrance Passes ( valid for 6 months) - RM140Included Belay course and equipment rental (harness & climbing shoes)

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17 Days Yunnan Cultural Tour (Itinerary+Cost)

Kunming - Shilin (Yi Tribe) - 2 nights
Day 1 4.55pm: Arrival at Kunming Changshui Airport6.00pm: Take the last direct bus from airport to Shilin @CNY45/trip8.00pm: Arrived at Shilin Station and took a cab to Kunming Shilin Home Inn Hostel at Shilin Walking Street. 10 minutes journey for CNY20 cab feeDay 2 8.00am: Took a cab to Shilin Stone Forest. The Shilin Stone Forest is just right beside the bus station we arrived from the airport. So it is the same 10 minutes journey for CNY20 cab fee. Entrance fee: CNY1751.00pm: Finished the tour and took a cab from Shilin Stone Forest to Jiuxiang Scenic Area. The journey took 90 minutes and the cab fee was CNY100/trip. The entrance fee to Jiuxiang Scenic Area is CNY1205.00pm: Finished the tour and paid CNY100/trip again but this time is straight to our homestay

Shilin (Yi Tribe) - Kunming - 1 night
Day 3 9.00am: Depart from Shilin to Kunming by taking bus from Shilin bus station again for CNY3412.00pm: Arrived at Kunming and taking city bus to Yunnan…