Perfume Pagoda Boat Tour, Huong Son

The Huong Pagoda is a vast complex of Buddhist temples and shrines built into the limestone Huong Tich mountains. It is the site of a religious festival which draws large numbers of pilgrims from across Vietnam. The center of the Huong Temple lies in Huong Son Commune, Mỹ Đức District, former Hà Tây Province (now Hanoi). The center of this complex is the Perfume Temple, also known as Chua Trong (Inner Temple), located in Huong Tich Cave. The boat tour including the entrance fee is 100,000vnd. There is an optional cost for the cable car which will take you to Huong Tich Cave. The price is 100,000vnd per person per way or 160,000vnd per person round trip. If you are not rushing and you have the stamina to hike up and down, you can save this cost. To get to Huong Son from Hanoi, you can take a bus or sign up with any tour group if you would like to have a rather relax and non-rush schedule, I would suggest you travel by yourself in a bus. There are many other buses back to H

Hang Mua Mountain aka Mua Cave, Ninh Binh

At first, I always got confused with Hang Mua Mountain and Mua Cave. My initial plan is to climb the mountain and all the information I got in the internet is to direct me Mua Cave. After few readings, I finally understand that "Hang" means cave in Vietnamese. So Hang Mua Mountain and Mua Cave is the same place. If you are riding a bike to get here, there are many scam trying to stop you earlier for you to park your motorbike at their place with charges. Don't stop. Just go straight until the end and park inside. It is free parking as of today. I am not sure if they will change it later. The entrance fee is 100,000vnd per person. It is quite expensive for just hiking. There is a reason to this. They decorated the entire way from the entrance to the foot of the hill. There are many photoshooting spots where you can enjoy before you start your hiking. I would suggest you to take photos first because after the hike, you will probably too tired to do anything anymor

Trang An Boat Tour, Ninh Binh

It’s known as the Ha Long Bay of the land. About 150 kilometers from the famous Vietnamese bay where hundreds of islands form a natural wonder is another equally as impressive landscape. This one, known as Trang An, is nowhere near the coast, though. The mountains are connected by rice paddies, not water. You can cycle to them, not sail. And – best of all – they are not full of foreign tourists. Such is the joy of a Trang An boat tour. Trang An Heritage Complex is a part of Ninh Binh province, it is about 100km away from Hanoi city center. If Halong holds an impressive and magnificent beauty, Trang An will be its best rival. Though smaller in size, you will be lost in a wonderland with the karst mountains, lush green forests, sparkling and crystal-clear river and the endless rice field running to the horizon. In general, the cost of entrance fees & boat trip of three routes is the same ( 200.000vnd/ person) on a shared- rowing boat (maximum 4 people/ 1 boat). You can ch