Jungle Trekking (Part 1), Perhentian Island Resort

Apart of enjoying the sea, you also can enjoy jungle trekking in this island. In this part one, I will show you the jungle trekking adventure from Arwana Jetty to Perhentian Island Resort. 
This walk through the forest will takes you about 30 minutes. Basically nothing much to see in this little forest and nothing to be afraid about because there is a ready pathway for you to walk on.
After a tough walk through the forest, I finally reached this beach solely owned by Perhentian Island Resort. 
This resort is very high class and with their very own individual chalet. There is only one restaurant here which serves buffet style only. Most patrons here are foreigners.
The wave is so strong over this beach. Easily being wash ashore.
Crystal clear blue sea water, what can you asked for?
A slow stroll between the sandy white beach and the blue sea water. This feeling is just so relaxing and peaceful.
This beach also has large rocks like Arwana Jetty Beach.
It is my turn now to show something on top of it...LOL
I like this shot. How about you? It is like a paradise for me here. You don't even believe this shot is from our own country. Love Malaysia, everyone! Stay tuned for the Part 2.


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