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Harbour HongKong Steamboat 3, Batu Pahat

From the famous and my all time favorite  Restaurant Harbour Steamboat from Sri Petaling and Puchong, now they come to Batu Pahat. What a weird place to choose for a chain restaurant. Usually, a city will be chosen instead of a town.  Same like any other branches, you are allowed to state your existence here on their wall.  90% same like what you have at any other branches. The only thing is they do not have to Chinese tea to serve and their other drinks are really bad especially their juices. It is better to get their beer or any can drinks. My auntie from England visited us for the first time after more than 4 years so I took the pleasure to take her to a steamboat. She liked it very much but she is just too shy to order more so in the end everyone still hungry after the dinner. The food quality and the price is the same like any other branches. I am glad they opened somewhere near to me somehow. So I do not have to go to KL for it anymore. The crowd here is no

Restoran Q Chicken, Taman Nusa Bestari

One whole restaurant and just selling Herbal Salt Baked Chicken with 4 tables only for dine-in. Too unique enough not to catch my attention. So this is the Restoran Q Chicken. For many years they have been master in making the best Herbal Salt Baked Chicken. With the expertise they have got, they able to survive by just selling the chicken. Most of their customers, have it taken away instead of dining in. That's why there are only 4 tables in the restaurant. Apart of the chicken, they have one and only dish which is this vegetable selling at RM6.00/plate. Which means they only have this vegetable and the chicken in their dine-in menu. That's why their customer prefer to take away the chicken as there is nothing special in their menu and even this plate of vegetable. Herbal Salt Baked Chicken (half) @RM16.00 Outlook: 4/5 Creativity: 4/5 Taste: 4/5 Price: 3/5 Overall: 3/5 - It is salt but I do not know how they do it which makes the chicken is more sweetness t

Restoran Erawan Classic Thai & Fusion @Dataran Sunway

Restoran Erawan, voted as one of Asia's finest restaurants and Top 3 Best restaurant in Malaysia 2012. That is quite an awesome acknowledgement I would say for a Thai restaurant. A nice comfy elegant waiting area with style. Basically to make a restaurant famous, first, you just need to spend something more on the decoration to be unique enough to attract your customers to take photos to upload to their social media such as Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram and many more. The decoration doesn't have to make sense. The more "interesting" the better. Second, participate in more competition, get interviewed by the papers, magazines and tv food programmes. Fame of the restaurant will just multiply instantly. Third, dining set has to be special...special enough to make the customer to feel special by using them. Look at their simple fork and spoon which is not simple at all. Fourth, the ambiance of the restaurant. Perfect lighting to entice our dining

Kame Sushi, Desa Sri Hartamas

Kame Sushi is opened by a Japanese chef, Mr. Kame. Mr. Kame is a very interesting chef who is not just master with his sushi knife but also very fluent in Malay language too. Anyway, the guy in the picture is not Mr. Kame. He is just his apprentice to serve our Omakase Lunch.  Their Omakase lunch started from RM150.00++. We chose a slightly better option which is a RM200.00++ package. This is their welcome appetizers which are a cold tofu and anchovy. Not really my favorite for the start.  9 different types of sashimi with a total of 20 pieces. Accompany with 2 different sauces to accompany with. I personally like the best is the Toro. I never seriously experience how a raw fish meat melt slowly in your mouth and this Toro did it just right. Absolutely delicious! The least I like is the Ebi which is not really sweet and taste not fresh too. Overall, I am pretty disappointed with this plate of sashimi because I am expecting surprises from this famous Kame Sushi in their Sashim

Restoran Fravashi @3rd Mile Square

Recently, I have been invited to a newly opened restaurant by this lovely couple, Evonne and Desmond. Their restaurant is known as Restoran Fravashi and they are serving a Mediterranean cuisine at the beginning and soon after that they have it changed to Turkish and Italian cuisine.   They are just entering this F&B business about a month plus and still at the stage of exploring the best food to serve the local market demand. Their proud signature food is the Turkish Pizza which is what he is doing now. It comes with 4 choices which are beef, chicken, lamb and mushroom. Turkish Pizza (chicken) Outlook: 3/5 Creativity: 3/5 Taste: 4/5 Overall: 3/5 - It is an oval shape pizza instead of the well known ordinary round shaped. It is just nice for 2 pax. What delights me the most is the delicious cheese which is really fragrance especially when it is still hot. The only issue is the ingredients is not really well distributed throughout the whole pizza. Lahmacun

Top 10 Japanese Restaurant in Klang Valley 2013 (Must Visit!)

After more than 2 years searching for the best Japanese restaurant in Klang Valley, finally I am ready to make up my mind with my personal top 10 Japanese Restaurants which are worth visiting! Please take note that it is a personal view which you might have a different opinion than mine. So I will start the countdown  from no.10. 10) Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant Everyone is looking for a cheap and quality buffet. Umai-ya can be counted as one of the best which will makes you feel every cent you spent in this restaurant is worthwhile. RM58.00++ per pax only and you just couldn't complain more. The ala-carte buffet lunch is only available at IOI Boulevard branch and Damansara Uptown main branch . It is only available only on Saturday and Sunday. Their price has been increased slowly every year from previously RM48.00++ to RM58.00++ now. However, everyone is still love this place. This is all credit to their very innovative and mouth watering choices in their menu. Please ta