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Ishin Jap @Jalan Klang Lama

I always have been wanted to visit Ishin Jap Japanese Dining but because they located at the busy road of Jalan Klang Lama, I always have to reconsider. The peak hours is always around 6.00pm after working hours. Crazy traffic! However, I still do not care because I almost finishing dining all the famous Japanese restaurant in Klang Valley already.  My girl was so sexy that day...hahahaha...can't get my eyes off her that day. The first Japanese restaurant that is using iPad 1 as their menu. Truly very high tech. All the food photos shown in this iPad are really attractive and mouth watering! Very cleverly done which work better than the old school menu which the color of the photos will fade away one day. The sushi bar in a round table style. Deep-fried Ebi as our appetizer. Taste not bad but I am expecting something sourish which works best as an appertizer. Sashimi Moriawase @RM62.00++ Outlook: 4/5 Creativity: 4/5 Taste: 4/5 Price: 5/5 Overall:

Yogitree @The Gardens

After Groupon coupon, now I am using Dealmates  for The Yogitree deal. The link of the deal is as below; Bruschetta, Macarons, Scones, Cake & Tea At The Yogitree @RM28.00 What I will indulge with this deal are: 1 Pesto Chicken Bruschetta (3 pieces) 1 Grilled Vegetables Caramelized Onion Bruschetta (3 pieces) 2 Raisin Scones 2 Macarons in random flavours A Slice of Cake of your choice 2 Cups of Tea of your choice It is time for my favorite tea time. The Yogitree is a Yoga type of restaurant. This restaurant is a health concept restaurant where they putting customers' health as the priority. Their kitchen and their counter. Scones & Macaroons Outlook: 4/5 Creativity: 3/5 Taste: 1/5 Overall: 2/5 - The Macaroons are bigger than the usual one that I used to have at T'forty Two . But they are just too sweet! The scones are quite delicious with full of raisin but sadly they do not serve the Devonshire cream like what they have advert

Mureung Dowon, Ampang

Ampang has always been famous with the Korean cuisine and it really can take you a long time to finish dining all the Korean restaurant here. Especially when Groupon offer a deal to dine in Mureung Dowon, you just have to grab it at all cost. The link for the deal is as follows; Korean BBQ Pork Belly Strips + 8 refillable side dishes @RM56.00 This deal comes with; 1) 4 slices of BBQ Pork Belly Strip 2) 200g of BBQ marinated chicken 3) 200g of roasted duck The place is pretty secluded because it is located in the dead end of the road. No cars will pass by the shop. Luckily they are located same row with CIMB which at least there is a landmark which easily known but everyone. It has a separated room alike for all the seating in this restaurant. View from the top This is how the room is separated. I really like their side dishes. All are equally delicious and I refilled quite a number of times. However, the boss started to give a kind of look when I request

Iketeru @Hilton KL

Look at May Lynne's expression with the cunning smile together with the cunning eyebrow raised to the max right after I have taken her to one of the most prestigious Japanese Restaurant in Malaysia which is called Iketeru. This Japanese restaurant is located in the Hilton KL. FYI, just 15 minutes before that, she looked so stressed and almost cry for the workload she was having. Now she looks like this. Just simply amazing when girls can change that fast when they are facing their favorite food. Ika Shiokara @RM12.00++ Outlook: 3/5 Creativity: 4/5 Taste: 3/5 Price: 2/5 Overall: 3/5 - Sourish taste to trigger our appetizing mood. But I doubt it has to be worth that much for such a tiny bowl. I should say "cup" instead. A closer look. Chuka Salad @RM32.00++ Outlook: 4/5 Creativity: 3/5 Taste: 3/5 Price: 2/5 Overall: 3/5 - May Lynne at last able to eat her favorite Tako! To me, it is just a simple salad which does not worth that much. Suis

Bumbu Desa @KLCC

All out of the sudden I feel like having an Indonesian Cuisine after my last one was at Ole-Ole Bali with my dearest sister and her mum. This time I am having it at Bumbu Desa which is located inside the highest floor of Suria KLCC. I am with my sister again for this Indonesian cuisine and together along with us is my girl who is out of action at that moment. She will be back in a while. Their serving method is slightly different than Ole-Ole Bali . They have ready cook all their dishes and displayed them in a line like a buffet style. is not a buffet style. You may walk over to their dish spread to choose whichever food you wish to have and just let the waiter/waitress know about your choices. They will prepare for you as per your serving request. Meanwhile, please enjoy the other dishes they offer below. Avocado Juice @RM12.90 - One word for it...Yucks! Ole-ole Bali is way better than this. ES Cendol @RM8.90 - The shaved ice is too