UNESCO Georgetown Cycling Tour (Part II), Penang

Thank you for staying with me for this second post of the same topic which is about the Georgetown Historical Tour. Let's continue and enjoy the rest of the places.
 Here is the mosque for Chinese Muslim which is known as Masjid Melayu Lebuh Acheh.
Dr. Sun Yat Sen's Base at Penang. The father of revolution in China. He stayed here for  quite sometime to plan his revolution ideas, philosophy and strategy.
You need to pay RM5.00 per person to visit this place.

Just in Georgetown area, there are tons of temples and mosques.
This is the Kapitan Keling Mosque.
It has been renovated to look new and being one of the largest mosque in Penang.
After watching all the historical buildings and places. Now we are brought to the life of the locals. Here is a stall where they handmade incense which are flavored to use as aromatherapy. 
My China friend is really cute that she asked the uncle herself to request if she can help him to make one. Pretty unsuccessful product in the end. Haha...the uncle has to amend her mistake. You are giving people more work to do-lar!
Let's watch first before you try it on your own.
Look at how evenly shaped they are. Uncle said that it is not easy to do and no one has the skill like him. So he is not afraid of people stealing the skill from him. Pretty high confidence uncle. Haha...
Once made, they will packed nicely and sell it here. Quite expensive in my opinion but if you really favor this kind of thing, do drop by at this place.
This is the most famous temple among all others in Penang. It is known for very efficacious. Whatever you wish for will be granted. So we did drop a little short wishes here. Let's see if really come true.
Famous Pop Piah which has been selling from generation to generation. Once been interviewed by our local famous food program, "Taste with Jason".
I was amazed with how strong her hand is by making this Popiah Skin one by one.
Their recipe are still a secret and no one able to imitate it yet. As you can see the very thin amount of it stick on hot plate just like that.
And you will see all the freshly made Popiah skin. It cost RM15.00/kg. 
They make some for us to try on. It is included in the tour. So you do not have to pay. FYI, it is sold at RM1.00/pc.
This is how it is look inside. Honestly, this is the first time I eat this type of Popiah. Really unique. A little sweet but undeniable the skin is the highlight. So soft combined with the crunchy nuts. It just blend so well! 
Next we were bring to taste some local food. Actually early in the morning, we were taken to a Mamak Restaurant. So all the food you ordered are covered in the tour package. I wonder what is the maximum food they allow you to order. Anyway, we did not abuse the privilege.
The tour guide claimed that their beef noodle and their char kuey tiaw is the best.
The Char Kuey Tiau is using charcoal to cook. However, I failed to taste the charcoal burn taste that should have. Apart of that, I really dislike a Char Kuey Tiau without crockles. Not nice at all. Can skip this place at all cost.
Overall, it is another learning session for me to see something that I do not learn from the textbook in school. However, I believe it can be explore by yourself slowly. I saw there is a bike rental along Lebuh Armenian where you can have your own free & easy tour around Georgetown. It is great that the local government provides a bicycle lane for us to use on.

Total Damage: RM200.00
Freakout: 0/5
Service: 3/5
Recommended?: No


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