Gunung Keriang, Alor Setar

According to a local at Alor Setar, there is not much things to do in this city. Usually what people will do here is just go to Langkawi in the morning and back in the late evening. If you are insisting to go somewhere at Alor Setar like what I do, Gunung Keriang is one of it. 
We are not here to climb this mountain by over here is the famous jade and crystal are produced. The only place in Malaysia!
You will find a lot of wholesalers who are displaying their artwork in jade and crystal. 
If you are a jade and crystal lover, this is the place you should go. They sell the cheapest you ever can find. 
All these jade and crystal are harvested from this mountain. No one allowed to enter to harvest. Only certain people with an official authorization.
Jade and crystal have energy in it which can brings owner with special ability such as bring good luck, good marriage, good health and many more.
Anyway, it is still up to you to believe such a thing.
Since I am here, I thought of getting one. Even my friend from China is amazed with the price here.
These are just too expensive for me even though they are cheap. Out of my budget.
So I rather get this bracelet for RM400. Now this bracelet is charging inside this bowl for energy.
Alor Setar is the land with a lot of paddy fields. If you are a vivid photographer like me, you can spend your time here taking lots of favourite shots.


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