Penang Hills, Air Itam

Penang Hill a.k.a Bukit Bendera is a place you must take your oversea friends to! I tried to come here last year but it was under renovation to build a new cable car. This is a picture of the ancient weighing machine for Malayan measure used in stating heavy weights, as of cargoes. 1 Koyan = 2419kg. So now you know my weight now. LOL. You will see these machines when you are on your way from the parking lot to the Penang Hill counter. The parking is chargeable at RM5.00/entry.
As you can see the above is the older version cable car. The price is at RM8.00/pax for My Kad Holders but RM30.00/pax for foreigners. Super expensive for your oversea friends for sure.
That's the new cable car without a cable. LOL. I think it is a train or a monorail. I wonder why they called it a cable car.
This is the new track built to have two cable cars through and flow. Last time, the journey takes about 45 minutes per journey. Now becomes 10 minutes. So you can imagine how fast is that? I prefer to see some view instead of speeding up and down that fast!
We were there around 6.00pm. So it is already at dawn and the sky is very hazy. So the visibly over the Penang town is not very visible.
Poser...this thing requires you to pay RM0.50 for it. So she is simply just want to pose. Pretty serious look...really can see meh??
So here are a bunch of posers. hahaha... These binoculars are portable. It will be removed around 7.00pm.
She ran off when she saw this. While, I going close for a good close up shot. Say cheese!
Good weather and nice environment for us and these flowers to grow beautifully.
A total relaxation...I must say. You can go higher either by foot or pay starts from RM30.00/pax for a buggy service. Super expensive! The ride will takes between 25 mins - 45 mins.
Since we are already in the jogging gear, so we decided to jog up to the hill.
Time for a rest a little photo shooting session. That's what travel supposed to be like.
There are someone living here! Their houses are so nice. But the question is how do they get down to the hill? The cable car is not operating 24 hours. I guess there must be other alternative roads.
Another stop and the night has already crawled in. It is getting harder for us to reach to the top because the only light accompanying us these street lights.
Haha...she is trying to be cheeky.
Well...we did not managed to complete our journey to hilltop because the road is too spooky for her already. Anyway, we able to get this shot at least. Cool!
Pearl of Orient - that's the symbol of Penang. There are still plenty of places to be explored. Next time, I will come up earlier in my next own visit.
She is indulged with the night scenery. I bet she loves it here very much and I am glad she did.
Total Damage: RM33.00
Freakout Level: 3/5 - Not really freaky. It is just we are crazy enough to jog alone to the hilltop in a very dark condition.
Service: 3/5
Recommended?: Yes

Operating Hours: 6.30am - 9.30pm (weekdays); 6.30am - 11.45pm (weekends)


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