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Gua Kandu, Gopeng

Gua Kandu is by far most exciting cave I have ever been as for today. I will tell you more along the way so please do read on. It is located very near to the Gopeng Tol Exit. Basically you will pass by the road to Gua Kandu before Gua Tempurung. This rock is the sign where you will know you already reach.
This is a well made building for bird nest harvesting. You may park your car here. There is no sign to tell you that here is Gua Kandu and there is no sign as well to tell you that where is the entrance. So basically the entrance is here. Not really well seen pathway.
Yes, you need to climb like this to get to the cave entrance. We got a guide from Riverbug. Otherwise, you can enter this cave for free as there is no entrance charges. However, I do recommend you to get a guide. The price is around RM80/pax. Negotiable if you have a bigger group.
After a few minutes of hiking and climbing, we finally arrived at the cave entrance of Gua Kandu. Gua Kandu is made from limestone. So be prepared with heavy dusty air and get "brown" because of the limestone.
Bats poo spotted to let us know their existence. There is not many bats in there like the Wind Cave at Kuching. Therefore, no strong stink smell from this cave. 
I got myself a headlight so that I can take pictures while exploring the super dark cave. However, I believe even with light you will be easily lost because this is a really dark cave and there is no pavement built to lead you around this cave.
You will have to crawl through hole like this so can you imagine what happened if you do not have a guide? It is almost impossible to explore and you will be scared to death because of feeling insecure in the dark.
While exploring we saw a stone which is like a human sitting there. Scare the hell out of my friend from China. Hahaha...I really surprise to see this. It is not a statue. Just purely rock made from limestone. Please pardon me with the blurry picture. I am trying my best to capture this with my available lighting source.
More narrow holes to go through. If without a guide, will you have the guts to go through here?
Other than climbing, we do abseiling in the cave too. The ropes in this cave are already installed by people so you don't have to bring your own rope.
Here is a short crawling session we have to do. I knocked my head twice in this cave. I can't imagine if without a safety helmet.
So you can imagine we have to crawl like a baby along this pathway? I am really excited!
The guide trying to fool my friend that we need to go through this hole. Hahaha...ya, we went through so many holes so you will easily get fooled by his instruction easily.
Time to be amazed with the texture of this cave. All are made from limestone.
A detail look on it.
One of the awesome view of a stalactite. Another good thing about having a guide is there will show you something you might not even notice in this cave. Such as below.
A little form of stalactite and stalagmite. I really amazed with how the nature works. How can the earth rises from its ground by itself? Stalagmite is like a plant can grow up by itself to meet up with stalactite to form a cave pillar. Amazing! We are advised not to touch it because our hands has a certain acidic ingredient which will cause the stalactite and stalagmite dead. Once they are dead, they will stop growing forever.
This is something interesting I wanted to show you all. This is what you will see when the light shine in front of it.
Here is what you will see when the light is shining right behind of it. It glows!
More tiny stalactite trying to reach stalagmite slowly and slowly. It seems like a man (stalactite) trying to reach to his woman (stalagmite) to form their pillar of love (cave pillar).  Truly amazing!
This will be the last picture about them.
Next, by having a guide. You will get to hear the history of this cave. This sign might be very familiar to some of you especially to my China friend. Yes, this is the sign for the Communist. More than 50 years ago, this is the secret base for the Communist. You also can see some Chinese words on the wall which was written by them. Very historical.
That mark shows that this is the meeting room for the Communist to discuss and plan for their battle strategy. At that time, they don't build lights around this cave because they do not want others to find them in this cave. So basically how they move around is by touching the wall, listen to the water dripping and flowing and also follow the smell of the bats' feces. 
She was pretty emotional when looking at this.
Quite sad that our government did nothing to retain or preserve this cave. You will see a lot of graffiti on the wall by the people who caving here. The best among all is this one.
Finally we are out, away from dusty air! Oh my, my blue shoes became brown shoes!!!
Overall experience here was truly amazing, awesome and fun! Crawling, climbing and do it all in this cave. I really recommend everyone to try this cave and preferred if you have a guide. That will do a lot of help. If you have a guide with you, drinking water and safety helmet are provided.
Things to bring:
1) Touchlight
2) Extra clothes
3) Extra shoes
4) Gloves
5) Sport shoes
6) Mask (if you allergic with dust)

Total Damage: RM160.00
Freakout Level: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Recommended?: Yes

Kampar, Perak Office:
19-C, 1st Floor
Jalan Kg. Rawa
31600 Gopeng
Perak Darul Ridzuan
Tel: +6 012 313 1006

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