Northam Beach Cafe, Georgetown

Penang is famous with their hawker centers. Too many hawker centers around from the one I hate most which is at Gurney Drive (too commercialized) to the one I visited the most, Northam Beach Cafe. Located right opposite of Northam Hotel. This hawker center is located by the sea so you will be enjoying the sound of sea wave plus soothing sea wind with your delicious food.
Look at the crowd and you will understand that this is the best! It is not obvious from the main road because you need to turn in to one narrow road to find a parking which is free and walk further in to find this hawker center. Not revealing to the public at all but still can get this kind of crowd. So you will know how genuine these crowds are. Tips: Go one round of the hawker stalls first before getting a seat. 
Let's start of with this Ah Shun Fried Oyster. This is my favorite among all. Actually all listed here are my favourites but this is the top. You can choose different size of portions you want depends of number of people you have.  
This is a RM15.00 plate for 2 persons and you can see their oysters are the size of a thumb! Very delicious!
Sorry for the blurry shot. Lack of lighting source. Anyway, besides can order a fresh oyster at RM4.00/pc. They are really fresh. No worries. But if you are not a fresh oyster lover, please skip this at all cost.
Next is the BBQ Chicken Wing & Drumstick!
You just cannot skip this in a hawker center. It is a sin!!!
RM2.00/pc. Very delicious high BBQ flavoured chicken wings. The first bite will squeeze some of its juices out which giving you a maximum pleasure. Lastly, it will left a sweet honey taste and a heavy BBQ taste.
Seafood! How can you not order any seafood when you are just right beside the sea? I only will order one thing from this stall for many is just that one thing. Let's guess.
Probably you will be thinking some common Portuguese
Or maybe my favourite butter prawns? No~~~
Ta da~ A nice and delicious Spicy Ba Li Long @RM10.00. There is only one size. Unless you order two plates. I really enjoy their Ba Li Lung so much because it is quite spicy but not the way you will need a lot of water to calm your hot mouth. This is the spicy type which carries a little sweetness in it. I can easily eat two plates because you eat this for fun and you will not get full by eating this.
Next is the Popiah! They are only selling wet popiah. No fried popiah here. I am okay with that because after so many heaty food. You will need something like this to reduce the heat.
You can request to add chili if you like a spicy kick in it.
Crab Meat Popiah @RM5.00/pc and Normal Popiah @RM3.80. Basically, crab meat will bring you a light sweetness from the fresh crab meat but I think a normal popiah is taste just fine. RM5.00 is a little too expensive.
Lastly, you need to accompany your hawker delicacies with a good beverage. Look at how busy they are. The best business is still selling drinks.
An ABC is my recommended best choice. It is cost @RM5.00. Price is a little at the steep but the pleasure of enjoying cold icy drink to bring down the heat from the is just sooo...perfect!
Last time, there is no live performance like this. Seems like this place started to evolve. This is a good sign as long as the taste of all the great food remains for the next following years. You can request songs here which is cost at RM10.00/song and the money will be donated for charity.
Note: We stayed at 1926 Heritage Hotel. The feeling might be heritage but the room is really badly managed. Dirty toilet and lousy breakfast. The price is not cheap at all too! Avoid!

Total Damage: RM42.80
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Food Serving Speed: Fast
Recommended?: Absolutely!

Business Hours: 5.00pm - 12.00am (daily)
Check the map location from the link below.

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