Pampered by Homemade Dinner, Singapore

I purposely leave this post for the last to wrap up my report about my Singapore trip. If you followed me all these while, this is my old friend and first love, May Lin. This is a special post to promote her with her great culinary skill which I have once missed the most. Check her out more in her May's Journal. All I can say is I am blessed because being invited for her fine dinner.
Yup, purely homemade with her own endless creative thinking in culinary skill. At this moment, it is not available for public. Only lucky me will get the benefit. Of course, I am looking forward with her appearance in the public instead of just blog.
Her habit of taking pictures while cooking. It was funny at times to look at the way I thought she was busy preparing the ingredients by going around the kitchen but who knows she was actually looking for her iPhone to take this picture. LOL.
We got ourselves a little helper. Her son, Luvik insisted to help her mom in cooking. Let's see what the little helper can do.
Haha...not even, my dear. Never mind, the heart is 100%. 
Let the mom makes it right.
Oh, I skipped the ingredients preparation work! Rewind back to Pesto Sauce in making.
What a beautiful mushrooms. She looks pro even looking the mushroom, she will give a nod as acknowledging the mushroom is real good.
Final completion of little cheese as topping before going to the oven
Oven they go! I really can't wait to eat.
Roasted Portobello Mushroom with Pesto Sauce
Outlook: 5/5
Creativity: 5/5
Taste: 5/5
Overall: 5/5 - Finally, dressed with the pine-nuts and she completed my best dish for the night. Amazing! The first bite you will taste the pesto sauce squeezing into your mouth. The feeling is excellent! It tastes like my favourite Hakka Lei Cha. The difference is there is a mild cheesy taste to make it more fragrant. The nuts is there just nice to give the crunchy feeling when everything is so soft and juicy. Fact #1, I do not like to eat any type of "shrooms" but this is the first time I like mushroom so much!

Wow...a whole pot of broccoli! What will I be enjoying next?  I just can't wait! Let's us the mum!
She said because I have been eating a lot of unhealthy food during my Singapore trip which is very true so she is making a healthy broccoli soup for me. Lucky!
Broccoli Soup with Bread Crumbles
Outlook: 4/5
Creativity: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Overall: 4/5 - No wonder she needs to put so much broccoli only you can taste the broccoli. The soup is very delicious but I hope for more broccoli taste. Fact #2: I hate broccoli more than the "shrooms" family. Somehow I like it this way and wanted for more broccoli taste! So weird! What happened to me?

She is cooking in French way which means she is cooking one by one. Once we finished a dish, she will makes another one. Now we are finally for a dessert. You will not believe that a soup and the mushrooms able to feed 3 adults and 1 kid until 80% full.
What is she trying to make? So many blueberries!
A blueberry pancakes! seeing it I guess I will reach 100% full. Just nice!
Able to choose a varieties of jam to accompany with the pancake. In the end, I prefer honey!
Blueberry Pancake with Ice Cream
Outlook: 3/5
Creativity: 4/5
Taste: 3/5
Overall: 3/5 - Cut a small piece out of it and I can see the blueberry juices oozing out. Quite gross but once I taste it, the blueberries popping in my mouth with juicing splashing all inside. Wow! Amazing experience but suddenly I taste bitter taste in it. What is that? The blueberry gone moldy? No, it is not. It is because the ice cream. It is an almond ice cream...oh no~~~ I like almond itself but not after processed almond like almond ice cream, almond milkshake or even an almond mask. The bitter taste really weird to fine it in a food especially a dessert. The only food I can accept with the bitter taste is the bitter gourd. Fact #3: I never like blueberries but I will make exception for this because is real good except the ice cream. Fact #4: I dislike processed almond and I will never like it. Hahaha...

How to repay such a good dinner? I was asked to wash the dishes before I leave. Oh, so cheap and easy. I wish all my meal can be paid this way. I just can't wait to come back for another meal. It should be surprising nice. 

A word to May Lin: You are an amazing person ever since I know you. The great part is making me able to accept 75% of the food that I hate most become I love most. You really do have a miracle touch! See you again! Thanks a lot!

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