The Skybridge @Petronas Twin Tower

1 August 1999 was the inaugurated date of this 88-floor with the height of 451.9m, the Petronas Twin Towers. How many of you have been to their Skybridge after more than 13 years of operation? Please do click like at the end of this post. I bet there is a very few likes. I, myself only able to make my point here after 13 years. Sound pretty pathetic thou. Hahaha...anyway, I have to thank to my friend from China, not because of her, I wouldn't know when I would come up here.
The ticket price is RM80 for foreigners and RM25 for myKad holders. There is a very limited tickets available  for each time slots. The reason for them to do this is to control the crowd at the bridge so it will not be overweight. This has given an opportunity for some locals to help foreigners to book tickets for them with a minimum service fee starts from RM18/pax up to RM50/pax. Anyway, this is the assembly place after we passed the security. 
My friend from China was showing that it is a hologram of the skybridge entrance form by projected image over the visible air. Pretty magnificent. I am the only Malaysian there and others are foreigners. It is a fact that this structure has bring fame to our country and increased the land price around this area dramatically over this single decade.
So at first we were brought to level 41 where the Skybridge is located. The lift was pretty fast, just a few seconds and here we are. We are only allowed to hang around here for 10 minutes.
The Public Bank building lighten up the night. I purposely chose night session to see the night scenery of Kuala Lumpur city. I have seen KL City during the day from KL Tower and it is pretty plain to me. So night scene is what fascinated me the most. 
Honestly, to compare night scene between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, I rather choose Singapore. If you do not believe, you can click this link here to direct you to my night photography of Singapore shooting from Skypark Observation Deck at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. You will see the great difference between them.
As always, the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur City. A city that never rest.
Really hard to get a good own sweet time at the Skybridge and we were chased like dogs to Level 83 of the Tower 2.
Luckily you are not required to pay to use this binocular. This Binocular really can see any objects from very far.
That's the Tower A. We are only able to be at Tower B for view the whole KL City  for 20 minutes only. Very strict. They will not tolerate the time with you.
The same Tower A to the bottom of it. Can't really capture the whole tower with my lens. It is impossible.
This is the best I can get from this height to view a part of KL city. Probably you can see this when you about to land at KLIA or LCCT. 
Since already up here, I really trying very hard to capture picture here with less reflection from the window.
One more but still can see some reflections. But by the time I was getting the grip, time's up! We was chased like dogs  for the last time.
Petronas Twin Towers was the tallest building in the world for 6 years. After that this Burj Khalifa at Dubai hold this record up until today. Mission Impossible 3 was filmed there if you did catch the movie. Overall, I think it is pretty overpriced for foreigners and I also do not like being chased like a dog by their "No Smile" staffs.
Total Damage: RM50.00 - (I have my own tricks to just spend RM25.00/pax...hehe)
Freakout Level: 1/5
Service: 1/5
Recommended?: Just once for a lifetime.

Operating Hours
Visiting Days  Tuesday to Sunday (closed every Monday)
Visiting Hours  9.00am – 9.00pm (closed from 1.00pm – 2.30pm on Fridays)

Note: Issuing of Tickets will start from 8.30am (tickets are limited and issued on a first come, first served basis). Advance purchase is available but it is non-refundable if cancellation requires.

Ticket Price
Adult          - RM80
Adult (MyKad) - RM25
Child          - RM30
Child (MyKad) - RM12

TOURIST INFO: Mondays are closed except for Public Holidays and School Holidays (half day 9:00am - noon sessions). Basically if you want to go on a Monday, call ahead to check. +60 (3) 23318080


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