Calypso Cabaret Ladyboy Show @Asiatique The Riverfront

Hatyai or Pattaya may have the famous reputation in a Ladyboy Show but Bangkok is not that bad as well. For those who does not know what a ladyboy means in simple English is transsexual from a man become a woman. Hopefully you are much clearer now. There is a demand for this in Thailand. So I am very determine to watch a show where all the performers on the stage were man.
This is how the seating like and you can choose any seat you want when purchasing the ticket. My advice is to choose the middle seat and possibly more to the front. For now, seat back and relax and enjoy the rest of their show in my photos below.
Can you imagine they were man? Even our local girls do not have such a figure.
How do they look? Seriously, you will think they looks like male from your first glance.
There are 16 different shows pack in one hour show. 
From a sentimental show to...
...a funny one!
This one does not look local to me but he can really spread...
Acting as Tess in Burlesque doing pole dance. She does really looks like Cher somehow.
Wondergirls in action but of course cannot compare with the real wondergirls...this is still far away to compare the beauty with the original one.
Marilyn Monroe in action too!
Not all are Ladyboys, some of them are real man but with bra and panties like this. It is really gross to watch.
Some of the ladyboys like this has a nice curve but when looking at the face, it is quite spooky somehow.
In my opinion, we have to treat every each one of them as a professional dedicated performer.
Not really sure if they are really enjoy in what they are doing but when they are on the stage they know their job is to entertain every each one of us on the seat.
A male to have such long and beautiful hair, it is not easy when every guy contains gene prone to bald.
And this part, purposely lining up ladyboys with good curves for a show off. Girls, start to envy!
This is a male but act as a girl and keep harassing spectator from the first row. Yup, you will get quite a lot of attention when seating at the first row especially in the middle. The price is the same for choosing the first row but I prefer back row so that I can use my telephoto lens for all these shots.
He is a real joker. Haha...
The cover every each part of the well known country from Japanese...
To Chinese...very elegantly done!
That's the end of the show and we enjoy alot. You can view the price of the ticket below. My advice is to purchase online from their own website. Do not bother about other tour agency include hotel transfer. Not worth it when you can get there in very low cost. You just need to take the BTS sky train and get off at Saphan Taksin Station then walk down to Sathorn Pier and take free shuttle boat to Asiatique. Too difficult still? Take a cab. Much more cheaper. But make sure it is a metered taxi.
At the end of the show, find any ladyboy that you think they are pretty and take a photo with them! You can choose either to give them tips or not. Please do give any amount in note because they really work really hard for it, not coins please. 
Personally prefer this. Haha. They have only 2 shows in a day. You can choose either 8.15pm or 9.45pm,. They have package which include dinner with Thai dance show. This Thai dance show is not performed by these ladyboys. The dinner is before the show so you need to be there before 6.30pm for the first show and 8.30pm for the second one. My opinion is to skip their lousy dinner and expensive too!
Ticket Price: 1200 baht(normal), 900 baht(online)
With Dinner: 2000 baht(normal), 1500 baht(online)

Total Damage: 1800 baht
Service: 4/5
Price: 2/5
Recommended?: Just once will do.

Asiatique The Riverfront (Warehouse no.3); 2194 Charoenkrung 
72-76 Rd., Prayakrai, Bangkorlaem, Bangkok 10120 Thailand 
Tel: +66 2 688 1415-7


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