Go-Kart @The Store Rooftop, Port Dickson

Once again, it is the go-kart activity which I love the most! One of the reason I love it so much is because it can be played at anywhere and any condition. Either day, night or raining days. The greatest of all is to race on the top of the roof will be so darn cool!

Yes, today I am going to show you a go-kart that is held on top of a building. It is spectacular even though it is only 7 floors high. 1-Altitude at Singapore have a club on the roof maybe one day I will have a go-kart race on that 63rd floor instead. That will be freaking awesome!

Anyway, let's enjoy the rooftop racing! Oh, by the way...the charges is at RM45/pax for an 8-lap race. This is what I prefer which is using lap instead of time. However, if there is a electronic board which keep track with our lap time for each lap, that will be simply marvelous!

Get ready to race!
Still got time to smile. You can imagine how slow she was driving. I wish to somehow help her to step on the acceleration pedal. Why so slow??? Oh my god! Taking driving license meh?
Wow...that's more like it...
This is the rooftop race track. Pretty awesome that the space is big enough to create an entertainment in this quiet town of Port Dickson. Simply awesome! The best part is the service given by them was perfect. They insist to take a group picture of us and willing to take picture of us when racing too! We really feel warmth! 
Let's end of racing trip again with a group photos. That is the end of our "military training" (quoted by my sister). By the way, this is only ground activity ya? We have water activity coming up next! Hahaha...wanna faint already? :p
Total Damage: RM135.00
Freakout Level: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Will I Revisit?: Yes!

Oceanic Mall
7th Floor, 1/2 Miles,
Jalan Pantai,
71000 Port Dickson,
Negeri Sembilan
Business Hours: 9.00am - 8.00pm (daily)

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