Prawn Mee @Kedai Makanan O&S Restaurant, Taman Paramount

Here I am at Taman Paramount after been told by many bloggers and friends that one of the best prawn mee in Klang Valley is located at Kedai Makanan O&S Restaurant. Yes, prawn mee is always my favorite noodles of all time. However, I have no longer found a better prawn mee after my college days at Segamat, Johor.

Well, let's see how this prawn mee performs.

Wow! They are doing wholesale for their prawn mee. How to wholesale a prawn mee anyway? I am so curious.
Prawn mee in process...yum!!! They have optional pork ribs for you to add on at RM1.00
Prawn mee with Pork Ribs @ RM6.50
Outlook: 4/5
Creativity: 4/5
Taste: 3/5
Price: 3/5
Overall: 3/5 - Yes, the gravy is really has the right amount of the spicy 'kick'. Pork ribs are very soft and delicious. While the prawns are not very tangy either because it is not fresh or soak for too long. However, I am still not impressed. It is because the prawns are too small for me to really enjoy a prawn mee.

Lor mee also available.
Located at the corner shop lot which you shouldn't missed it because the crowds are big especially during lunch on weekdays.
This is their latest business signboard.
Well, not really the best prawn mee as so many claims it to be for me. Lots of room for improvement. However, I will still eat them when I am around at Taman Paramount.

Arghh...I miss the prawn mee at Segamat! The boss treated me very good at that time, he sometimes will add few more big prawns for me without any charges. I hope they are still in business when the time I visit Segamat next time!

Total Damage: RM13.00
Ambiance: 2/5
Service: 3/5
Food Serving Speed: Moderate
Will I Revisit?: No

Kedai Makanan O&S Restaurant
39, Jalan 20/14
Taman Paramount
46300 Petaling Jaya
Business Hours: 24 hours

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