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ATV Ride, Port Dickson

Starting from today, I am going to have a series of exciting freakout extreme rides that were blowing our mind. It was all started from the offer by Groupon which the link as follow:

Today I will present to you the ATV ride as for the starter. This ride is cost at RM75/pax for 8 laps of 800m/lap. 

Extreme PD Buggy Trek is the great place with lots of cool rides. The roads are challenging. The machines are fast and powerful. The most important thing is the service is quite good as well!
Prepare our machines!
Alright the ladies are ready to roll!
Let's go!
Wow, still can smile while driving the ATV so you can imagine how slow she is.
Go go go...stop smiling and race!
This is one serious racer who is making a "drift". LOL
Finally ends...she is the slowest actually. 2 laps behind us.
I will say not easy to drive this thing because I almost always throw away myself from the vehicle. Unlike a go-kart, I cannot make a crazy turn without any reserve because the gravity is not low and you are not having a seat belts on. Anyway, it is a crazy ride which I am extremely enjoyed to begin it with that day but I still prefer there is someone taking our lap time instead of going round and round like a playride.

The ATV cc i _J very high and it is not suitable for kids. Please be warn that no insurance is provided and please ride it at your own risk.

Total Damage: RM225.00
Freakout Level: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Will I Revisit?: Yes

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