Goat Catching Game with lunch @UK Farm Agro Resort

Continue from my previous post about UK Farm which is located at Air Hitam, Kluang. This time I would like to share with you about a very challenging activity which is called the goat catching game. It is the signature activity of this farm. In another words, you do not consider coming to this farm if you are not playing this game. This game is cost at RM5/pax.
The rule of this game is very simple. You need to catch the goat within 10 minutes time frame. The maximum pax to join is 5. The more the easier it is. Here you are, they just release 6 goats for you to catch.
Let the hunt begins! Yes, you are catching them with your bare hands on this sandy field. Not really a good idea thou. It is not the grassy land like you see in their official website.
If you think it is easy, you are wrong. It is not about how fast is your speed to outrun the goat. It is about teamwork. Well, I would say our teamwork is very poor.
How to catch when the goat can jump?! Seriously when you playing this game you will have two concerns. First, will you hurt yourself on this sandy field? The answer is YES. I hurt myself in this process. Second, will the goat jump on you or kick you or bite you when you trying to catch them? The answer is NO but not definitely.
Once you able to catch the goat, it will just scream all their might. However, nothing is definite. Maybe the goat that I caught did not do all that but maybe other goats will. So you have to play this game at your own risk.
The difficulty level for this game is extremely hard especially when this goat just had their meal and they are full of strength. Their agility and reflex is so good which you are easily beaten by it.
We tried our best and we hurt ourselves in this process with a little scratch. However, we had lots of fun. 
If you able to catch the goat, you will earn this medal. The medal is made of plastic. To be honest, that's really a cheap way of awarding a success with such a high difficulty. At least award us a free lunch or free entrance fee with horse carting ride!
Talking about free lunch. You will be given a free lunch if you are signing up for the RM60/pax package. For 4 pax, you will get 3 dishes with 1 soup. If you have more than 5 pax, they will give you 4 dishes with 1 soup. The soup is this seaweed soup which is still acceptable because the MSG taste is stronger than the seaweed itself.
Spicy Mutton is the best dish of all. Not really spicy but carry a little sweet taste in it. Do not worry about  the gamey taste because this is really reduced to the minimum. The meat is soft and tender which is easy for old people to chew and swallow.
Just a common fried egg with onion. Nothing special about it just a little too salty.
Goji Berry Leaves with Anchovy. Goji berry is usually use in Chinese soup or Chinese medicine. This is the leave which has almost the same nutrition. Not bad but as usual a little too salty.
Long beans in minced meat is the last dish. I am going to say the same thing again it is a little salty.
This is the goat milk muffin which is included in the RM45/pax and RM60/pax package. It is something new for me. I never tried a goat milk taste in a muffin before.
Goat milk ice creams are included too! They have 4 different tastes which are durian, red bean and cendol. Really delicious and you must try! Overall, I think their food is acceptable and priced reasonably for an extra RM15.00/pax for all these delicious food. We get unlimited refill for the rice and drinks. 
Total Damage: RM20.00
Price: 2/5
Service: 2/5
Freakout Level: 5/5
Recommended?: Yes

Plot 8, 
Project Pertanian Moden Kluang,
KM13 Jalan Batu Pahat, 
86000 Kluang,
Johor, Malaysia
Tel: 07-7597555
Business Hours: 9.00am - 5.00pm (daily)

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