Zorb Ball, Port Dickson

If you have read my previous same adventure about the Downhill Orbing @MAEPS, I promised myself to take my sister to experience something similar like this. So here I am with her. Ho ho ho...

This place they called it Zorb Ball instead of Downhill Orbing. Anyway, they are the same to me. The cost for this ride will be RM30/pax. 

This is the play area for the Zorb Ball.
My sister is heading to the top of the play area.
Climb in girls~
Take a shot before getting into the Zorb Ball.
Alright~ They are in and getting ready to be pushed down!
And they are on their way~~~
Yup! I can hear their screams~ Arghhh~~~~~
You are almost there! Hang on!
Arrived! Safe!
Arghhh...my sister is so heavy!!! Need 3 guys to pull them out from the drain. Keep fit, girls!
To compare with the Downhill Orbing @MAEPS, this is less challenging and is a shorter ride. Other than that, they just roll but does not bounce. Well, when I am looking at how they put their effort in bringing the ball up to the top, I really cannot complain. It is not as easy like at MAEPS where they have a truck to pull this heavy orb up to the hill top.

For safety measurement, this is way way too lose. At MAEPS, we were well locked and tighten inside the orb. As for this, you are using a rope to tie yourself while your hands and legs are holding it very tightly. If you release your hand or your leg, you will be like a piece of clothes spinning inside a washing machine. Yes, you will definitely injured yourself and your partner who is riding together with you. Extremely dangerous.

Total Damage: RM90.00
Freakout Level: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Will I Revisit?: No


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