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Hotel Grand Riverview, Kota Bahru

Can you believe it 10 years after I passed my SPM, I only managed to attend my Malay old schoolmates wedding. The amazing part is the wedding is held on exactly the last day of the 10th year. Yes, it was exactly a month ago, 31st December 2011. Ever since my primary school, I have been always close with Malay friends and in secondary school, I become more niche by having most of my friends are Malay female only. There is a long story for it but I am not going to share it now. Don't worry. Haha...who knows even when I started my business now, the race which is sustaining it is still the Malays. Glad that they are around.

Because of the flexibility of my business I am able to attend one of my good friends during my old days even the wedding is held at Kota Bahru, exactly 9 hours non-stop drive with average speed of 130km/h. Who is that lucky girl? Haha...her name is Mas Azeera. You can check her blog here. She is a very cool, high self-confidence & self-esteem and pretty girl too. Anyway, see it for yourself with the pictures provided below ya? =)

I think this is nicely done. Maybe she need to change the second picture to a landscape picture as well instead of portrait.
Menu! Wow...most of the time I attended a Malay Wedding usually is a buffet style. Somehow this is like Chinese style already by telling you what is the ala-carte meal that is going to be served. The difference is, all the meals will be served in one go instead the Chinese style which is one by one. I prefer this somehow. =)
Nasi Minyak, you only able to eat such fragrant rice at someone's wedding. Never see anyone selling nasi minyak in a restaurant though. Or maybe I do not know where.
Jelatan Nenas dengan Cili
Solak Lada Hijau

Daging Gulai Darat
Ayam Goreng Sos Tomato

Sotong Sambal Tumis
Dalca Kacang Dengan Bendi
That is the happy newly wed! She is going to leave Malaysia soon after this marriage to start her new marriage life at Paris. Paris with love~~~ Honestly, I really don't want her to leave. Really sad to know that this is a fact of life that you can't own or control anything except yourself. Everyone has their own life to carry on. All we can do is to wish them the best!
Let's have a funky photos together since we are coming all the way for this. Hahaha...
You always have my best wishes and supports no matter what you do or where you are. Just hope you will remember that you have a friend here missing you ok? Sobs. =) Congrats!
I can't really comment much about the food. All I can say is not a heavy meal that I usually have in a Chinese wedding. Truly a new experience to add on. I also learned one thing new is do not hire local singers for your wedding shows or hire any local photography studios. The male singer was so bad and the end product from the local photo studio is so amateur standard. You are advised to hire a photo studio from KL instead to travel to your desire location. Of course, you need to cover their expenses. Well, you will feel worthwhile since this is an once in a lifetime thingy unless you are planning for more than once. LOL.

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