Jet Ski, Port Dickson

We move on to rather a speedy water sports which is Jet Ski. The price is at RM35/ride. Well, I somehow feel being cheated for this activity. Anyway it was my mistake for not clarify clearly. I thought it should be each person riding a jet ski but in the end it was we are just sitting there while the staff will take the riding wheel and took us for a lap. The one lap which is less than 30 seconds and they have already earned RM35.00. My goodness...real easy money.

Alright girls...let's just get in!
Take a photo like you are riding on it...haha
This jet ski is really a bigger than usual one. The staff said that the power is greater than a normal one which is the reason why they did not let us ride on it alone. For me, it is a real pure excuse...they can just bring a normal jet ski for each of us. We do not really demand to ride on this.
This is how they take you for a ride.
There goes the 30 seconds.

Total Damage: RM105.00
Freakout Level: 1/5
Service: 1/5
Recommended?: No

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