Gonbei San @Starhill Gallery

Groupon has taken me to another Japanese Buffet stop which is called Gonbei San located at a luxury emporium called Starhill Gallery. I wonder when I will have the income to shop in such a place. Hmmm...even if I have, I prefer some other better place than this because I can feel a right amount of stress when shopping here especially the eyes of the promoters. Well, as for food. Here I am! The link for the deal will be as below.

I like their grand entrance so much! I also like the girl who is standing there. LOL. Hahaha...Yup, let me introduce a friend from my hometown who is making her debut experience in my blog. Her name is Cyrena Koh! Say hi, to everybody!
We were very hungry so we wait no more and heading to the sushi station straight away.
Honestly, that is the only reason I bought this voucher.
Sashimi!!! As you can see Salmon is always more popular than other fishes. This is the same as well. 
Fried Station. The tempura here is so delicious and finishes so fast!!!
Grilled Station. Very few selections for us to choose from. Tenji and Jogoya (which is at the same level with Gonbei San) are much more better choices.
Dessert Station. I am telling you honestly. This section no longer refill after 1.30pm. Terrible! There are so many patrons around and this is the last choices that would like to have and it was near empty!!!
Baskin Robbin ice cream!!! At least got the ice cream to cover up our disappointment.
Elegant dining area with classic music as the background. Not Japanese classic music by the way.
Not my favorite.
Other than tempura. Others are seriously a no-no.
This is the best! The tempura which I am talking about!
I just don't like when they prepared their cold Soba which already soaked with their sauce. No longer taste good. Let us do the soaking job!
As I mentioned earlier, Salmon was good! Other sashimi were not that impressive. As for the oyster, it is smaller than I thought. There are some I can chew sands in it. Freshness? Absolutely not flown in yesterday of course but still consider fresh.
Udon is not bad because they let us do the soaking job!!!
As usual, chawanmushi always good at anywhere for me.
Prawns are fresh and tangy but a bit too salty. Salmon fillet is delicious! They are really good in handling their salmon fish. For the fried Udon, just skip that.
This is how you order at the grilled station. The paper that is on top of the needle mushroom is found in your table. I wonder why they want to use a paper instead a peg or a clip? It is so not environmental friendly.
And you will be served with it. The butter mushrooms with cheese! Slightly salty because the cheese has carry some saltiness in it already.
Baskin Robbin ice cream!!! Delicious! Yummy! However, the bowl for the ice cream is finished and no waiter or waitress is there to care to put more bowls there!!!
Right opposite of their restaurant is the threatening Jogoya. I wonder why they want to choose at the same place and same level and compete with each other with their buffet. Anyway, I like none of them so does not bother me much.
Total Damage: RM100.00
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 2/5
Taste: 3/5
Food Serving Speed: Fast
Will I Revisit?: No

Business Hours: 12.00pm - 3.00pm; 6.00pm - 10.00pm (daily)

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